American Thinker, on Point or Hate Piece?

Steve McCann published an opinion piece in American Thinker. He lambasted Barack Obama as a liar and a fraud, among other things. Some hold the same opinion. Others believe it a hate piece.

My own thinking as an American follows.

Predisposed vs. insightful
First, scathing writings about our President seem to come across my path much more than complimentary ones. Could this be that I’m predisposed? Maybe so, but my predisposition began before Obama became president. I “saw through” him during the campaign.

Government vs. business
Second, I can identify with author, Steve McCann, as being from business. My thirty-five years in the working world-from small businesses to the largest on earth-give me a similar perspective. It is working and creating and adding value and progressing forward that make for a better world. Not tearing it down, as our President does.

Truth vs. lies
Third, I believe Barack Obama a liar, as does McCann. Cloaked in the jargon of Utopian socialism, our President believes what he says is true. It’s not. It’s the opposite. Maybe that doesn’t make him a liar but only a self-deceiver. But he has succeeded in deceiving the people who take him at his word.

Black vs. white
More, our President uses his skin color-yes, I’ll use the word, race-to intimidate and insinuate. He joins the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, throwing up the race card in front of those who disagree on purely other grounds. The country, however, has moved on from racial issues. Color-blind describes the thinking people of this country, not the color of one’s mom or dad. Nor was it the basis of my vote in 2008.

Me vs. you
And finally, the President’s interest in himself is cleverly cloaked in yet more deceit.

His narcissism pokes through the façade of great caring for others. When we look beyond the face of his sympathetic social policies, we see that the poor are the most affected. The lie is that those same policies “help” the poor. Oh, if only it worked that way.

Furthermore, with the President, it’s all about “me.” His books speak of himself. His speeches say “I” much too frequently. The spotlight is his alone, shining not on his governance. Audiences faint at the sight of him, like the Messiah or Elvis incarnate.

On point vs. hate piece
Your own perspectives will color reaction to McCann’s article. Whether you think it a hate piece or on point should prompt you to think more deeply about our President.

Let not whatever dependence on government he’s created for you tarnish your own God-given independence to think for yourself. Let not the mainstream media think for you. Let not your self esteem come from public or political sources but from your own achievement. Think beyond that which has been fed to you for so long.

And then, let me know what you think.