American Socialist Leader Says “We Are Not Pacifists; Violence Sometimes Necessary”

Brian Becker is a good little Socialist. In fact he’s a somewhat powerful one in socialist circles. He is described as “National Coordinator of the Answer Coalition” in the “Party For Socialism And Liberation.” (PSL) so he is the real deal…a card carrying member and bigwig of the clever little Marxists. Oh, and don’t like the “Marxist” label? Gee, he admits he is one, so what’s the objection again?

Mr. Becker gave a speech on February 4, 2011 and another on April 1, 2011, and contended what’s needed is “a revolutionary party and organization and movement in the United States that can fight and defeat US imperialism.” Then on April 1, 2011 Becker was speaking and offered “we’re a party of activism. We believe that without action, without struggle the idea of Marxist politics or socialist politics or progressive politics is in fact very empty and meaningless.” (all in bold my emphasis)

He goes on to glorify his organization with “The Party for Socialism and Liberation … operates out of a Marxist framework, and a revolutionary socialist framework….” Becker then lays out general concepts of pacifism and non-violence in general lefty terms but takes issue with the overall concept of leftist pacifism by announcing “while we don’t like violence we are not pacifists,” referring to at least his organization and perhaps radical leftism in general.

Becker then specifies “and in fact we recognize that violence sometimes not only is necessary but necessary for the liberation of human beings.” He then informs us “unlike pacifists, we do not abhor violence so much that we can say violence is never possible.” Becker lays out acceptable violence as the Civil War and the Civil Rights struggle as well as advocates some lefties armed up to support civil rights unlike Dr. King and the SCLC which called for non-violence in seeking their ends.

Becker speaks for his group in offering “We do not have the opinion from the point of view of our party that non-violence was the only solution, and that in fact people have the right to pick up the gun….” Becker is likening the struggle of his Marxist group of socialists, progressives and Marxists in general to the arming of rebels in Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, etc. He claims the above named are similar to his struggle of a liberation army he fancies he and his are.

Becker then lays the final point in his April 1 speech informing us “So just to make it clear that our opposition to war isn’t based on an abstract position of opposition to all manifestations of violence; it is not.”

Becker is honest in summing up his purpose with “So we here, our party, The Party for Socialism and Liberation, we’re building a revolutionary party with one idea in mind. That the same phenomenon that happened in Egypt will happen in the United States.” The five and one half minute video then segues into union protests and chants of “we say fight back.”

Nice speech Mr. Becker. Two points for posterity from me….first, no more tolerance for lefties who get their panties in a wad for calling them Marxists, as Becker leaps to link the progressive, socialist struggle as a “Marxist framework.” I don’t want to hear another dishonest progressive scream that to call Obama and the progressive movement socialist is unfair or inaccurate as clearly it is dead on and clearly the leaders of the movement believe it to be Marxist, so drop the damned lie. If progressives are loathe to admit the “Marxist framework” of their ideology perhaps they shouldn’t be working toward that end. Marxist liars is what they are…they don’t even have the guts to admit the truth. The lies alone prevent me from granting them any merit to their rhetoric. If they want merit and respect, man up and admit what your leaders admit to.

My second point and the more salient one, as I have been calling them Marxists since Day one, thus I was never fooled or cowed by their nonsense, is about the violence stuff Mr. Becker spoke of. Mr. Becker, I applaud you for honesty. You admit and advocate your party’s favoring the use of violence to achieve your goals. Now let me return the favor.

I am armed up like a mini-militia all by myself for the main reason to take up your challenge. See, I have never laid claim to non-violence and as a realist know that sometimes VIOLENCE IS THE ANSWER! My making like a good little Boy Scout is exactly to meet you and yours in the struggle you so passionately argue in favor of…the violent overthrow of this nation as Constituted. I would consider it an honor to meet you and your pals in that effort.

I hope when the time comes you will still have the guts to not just be a fat mouthed rabble-rouser but will take up your arms to see your struggle to its eventual end. I can tell you where that end will be. It will be in the lifeless and cold bodies of your comrades Sir. Now I might be in that pile of worthless protoplasm too, but so long as your efforts are to violently overthrow this nation, if I can assist in ending your ability to breathe on your own I will gladly consider my sacrifice worthy and well placed.

I have a family of daughters and a new granddaughter to see that they have the chance of the bounty of this nation as I have had. To breathe free; to awaken as the most fortunate of fortunates; to be an American in EXACTLY the model my Constitution and the Framer’s envisioned.

You’d better hope all that lofty Marxist rhetoric carries the day for ya or you won’t be worth a plug nickel Mr. Becker. I will be glad to assist in demonstrating, up close and personal for ya, exactly what that looks and feels like.

I am sick of the threats from your side, although I do applaud your honesty…at least you are not a lying punk, so respect from me Sir, as one combatant to the other used to respect the effort and sacrifice even if I do not agree with your purpose, nor you mine. You do know that for your “Marxist framework” to prevail you’ll have to take me out as well as the tens and tens of millions of my fellows who are armed to the teeth. Are you up for it? I damn sure am and based on my networking, extensive reading and investigation, let me assure you my friends are too.

To wind up, let me employ some trite little phrases that I am sure will make you laugh and perhaps puff up with bravado…. “Nothing between us but air and opportunity. Bring it, Bitch. Put your money where your mouth is. Don’t let your fat mouth write a check your narrow ass can’t cash. I ain’t from Missouri, but you’ll damn sure have to SHOW ME! If you throw the first punch don’t go crying at how it all ends. You start it and I’ll end it.” And my favorite? “Lock and load!”

Author’s Note: This is a response to Mr. Becker’s threats, admission and advocacy of violence. My response is merely to inform him and his that we do not cower or fear his threats and actually look forward to taking up his UNLAWFUL challenge, as treason and threats of violent overthrow are STILL treason and are illegal and that many of us took an oath to “protect and defend the Untied States from ALL threats, foreign and DOMESTIC!” This is my exercising my right to the First Amendment, just as Becker used his right to it to issue the threats. And sorry for the length, but it has to be said.