American Shooting Center in San Diego, California

At the American Shooting Center, visitors can shoot down one of fourteen lanes in the indoor range. All types of firearms are allows on the range as long as they are California-legal.The range features a Pro Shop and training courses too. Overall, the entire facility is in good shape, but AMC isn’t the best range in San Diego. Most patrons can have a great time at this location, but many others will be left wishing for something better.

Customer Service

To begin with, the main area that American Shooting Center lacks in is customer service. It’s a hit and miss experience each time. The employees at this range aren’t exactly the friendliest or most helpful. In fact, many of them don’t know very much about firearms. If a person can get past the shoddy customer service, then they won’t mind the rest of American Shooting Center.

Indoor Range

The actual range consists of 14 lanes for handguns, rifles, or shotguns. All of the lanes are a maximum of 25 yards, which isn’t that much distance. So then, individuals firing at shotgun or rifle in the range really make things loud for the handgun users because sound travels throughout the range. Nevertheless, the range is nice and air conditioned throughout the day. American Shooting Center offers various types of targets and whatnot for shooters too.

Pro Shop

The Pro Shop offers various firearms and ammunition for rent or sale. On top of that, various firearm accessories available at the store. Rentals only cost $10.00, but ammunition is a bit pricey at over $20 for 50 rounds. Purchase prices for firearms are relatively on par with other gun ranges that sell weapons, but the selection is a little limited. Still, a potential buyer can find some pretty great weapons at the American Shooting Center Pro Shop.

Training Courses

From personal safety to security guard training, AMC offers plenty of different training courses. A person can learn how to use basic firearms or get specific tactical training. Luckily, prices on these training courses are fair and worth the price. The range does offer some comprehensive courses that can’t be beat by any other offerings in the county. On that note, plenty of people will find themselves at an American Shooting Center course.

Is American Shooting Center worth a visit?

If you can get passed the terrible customer service and so-so employees, then you will enjoy the American Shooting Center. Fortunately, the range offers cheap firearm rentals and lane prices. The range itself is pretty nice despite its relatively short distance. Most people will enjoy shooting at AMC, but you will need to find another range if you want customer service and longer shooting distances. In general, AMC is a great range with some minor problems.

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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