American Popularity Idol

I had written an earlier article about my dislike for American Idol. Earlier versions of this type of show have produced long term artists such as Ann Margret from Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour and the country band Sawyer Brown from Star Search with Dick Clark and Ed McMahon. Even though we see such great choices as these I’ve still not felt like the winners had paid their dues and were worthy of jumping right to the top.

Recent evidence is pointing to the possibility that it is not only talent that decides the winners but a planned scheme to eliminate a particular contestant, predominately females. Girls don’t like girls. Whether it is a text vote to keep a young hotter looking woman off the silver screen or picking a young man because OMG, he’s so cute. This isn’t what the show is supposed to be about.

After listening to Pia Toscano sing it became quite clear that this young woman’s voice is extraordinary. With experience she could easily elevate herself to the same caliber entertainer as the likes of Barbara Streisand and Liza Minnelli. She’s already had the exposure so if she is capable all the teeny boppers were able to do is get her off the show not stop her career goals.

If you look back at past shows you’ll notice some young women that were voted off too early and in some cases should have actually won. Contestants such as Jennifer Hudson, Kristy Lee Cook and Crystal Bowersox to name a few. With the popularity contest concept taking hold it would seem viewers surely can’t be taking the show as seriously as they once did. The judges of this show are professionals and should give the viewers at home and the studio audience some guidance. Perhaps they could make a statement for viewers to do their best to judge in categories of talent, poise, stage presence, chemistry with both the band and the audience. Eliminate the popularity contest concept. Judge in a manner that will help the contestants survive in the industry of their choice.

After Pia Toscano was voted out some of the studio audience was demanding a recount before the closing credits had even finished running.

This problem has always been in the business. In 1985 I was preparing for an audition for a national act and I knew I was a shoe in because my musical ability was probably at least a notch above the rest of the band. I didn’t get the job because I was balding, 20 lbs. overweight and past 30. Talent was one of the last things considered. I didn’t have “the look”.

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