American Judges

American judges! If one doesn’t rule the way you want all you need to do is go to another judge that you know thinks the same way you do; and that judge will rule in your favor! Simple as that. As an example this current case against the IMF chief, the judge of original jurisdiction sets no bail due to flight risk. All the lawyers did was to take a plea to a different judge and there you have it, out on bail, just like that. One judge over ruling another, and so it goes. You know it isn’t the fact that the defendant walks out of jail and back into his luxury lifestyle; this is the way such things make our court system so impotent in most rulings! This is prevalent from bottom to top in our court system. I had to laugh in disgust when I read about the US Supreme court upholding the Arizona law about charging employers for hiring illegal aliens. While the law is a good law, it should not have been necessary to pass such a law, because there has been such a law on the federal level for many years now; but it is never, and I mean never, enforced by the federal government. Something else I took note of when I read the news article on that ruling, and that was the stark political party line of the justices who made the ruling. The five in favor were all Republican appointees and the three that were against were Democratic appointees with one abstaining because she had represented the governments claim against the law before being appointed to the high court by Obama. This same Supreme Court just ruled that California has to release from custody 36,000 to 46,000 thousand convicted felons due to prison overcrowding? First off there would be no overcrowding if California would open the many prisons they built but never utilized. The state claims they cannot afford the money to pay prison guards, another words they claim they do not have the money to operate the new prisons they paid to have built! So the public is now going to be placed in harms way because so many violent felons will be released onto the streets at one time! The parole system has also been made impotent with a program that was implemented without the public’s knowledge where violent parolees are released on unsupervised parole! So we have a system where the convicted felon is released before completing the sentence they were given for the crime they committed and released on unsupervised parole; and this is called a criminal justice system! This is a disgrace for all of us and it shows the criminal element that they have nothing to fear about our laws. I was in law enforcement for twenty five years and it was a revolving door system even back then, but when the three strike law was enacted it gave me great pleasure to tell the repeat offender that they would do a minimum of twenty five years in prison if convicted, the color would drain from their faces when they realized that they could not just walk out of jail as they had in the past! They were used to being released within days to await a trial that they never showed for, a warrant would be placed against the defendant and after seven years purged from the system, no prosecution for the violator because they never used the same name twice. A person could be arrested many times before the dots were ever connected and the person identified. That was slowly put to rest though with the advent of a computerized system which could identify an arrestee by prints no matter what name they used, prior to that the individual had to be identified by hand search which could take weeks or even months depending on the work load of the print specialists. So we are now able to quickly identify the offenders and serve the many warrants they have outstanding against them. This led to a lot of convictions and put the offenders behind bars where they should have been all along. But it seems we have too many convictions and we are artificially running out of space to house them! There is no real space problem in this artificially created dilemma; it should not even be in question! Tents can be used and the inmates can be used as road crews, to keep our roads in operating order. The Arizona sheriff has proven that this works; and works well! Organizations such as the ACLU have tried to maintain that to do such things to inmates constitute cruel and unusual punishment, the US Supreme Court found against that line of reasoning, it is therefore reasonable and not cruel punishment! So where do we draw the line? In two rulings the Supreme Court says yes we need to wholesale release thousands of felons onto the streets due to overcrowding, but in a separate ruling also says there is a constitutional way to keep them incarcerated and make them useful for the public good. One of the most ignorant findings of the Supreme Court was that abomination called the Miranda warning, that case was not just one case, it was four cases from three different states put together as one to convince the court that violators had to be reminded of their rights or it was a stay out of jail pass for them, law enforcement was on the spot for several years after that ruling. There was one case in Bakersfield California where a man beat a teacher at Bakersfield college to death in front of several witnesses and when the police arrested him at the scene and took him to the station they read his Miranda rights to him and he said he wanted to talk to his mother before admitting to the murder, the detectives told him he had the right to speak to an attorney not his mother before questioning, so he made his confession and was subsequently convicted of the witnessed murder. On appeal the conviction was overturned and the man released with his record purged of the conviction because the police did not let him speak to his mother prior to questioning, also he could not be tried again for the crime due to the doctrine of the “fruit of the poison tree”, which states that anything obtained by police after they denied him the right to speak to his mother was not admissible in court. If you ever went to school one of the things they taught was the Fifth Amendment, which gives us the right not to incriminate ourselves. To “stand on the fifth amendment” was well known by anyone who ever saw a court drama on television or in the movies. That whole Miranda case was a ruse to weaken the laws in such a way as to weaken America as a whole, by making our justice system a joke world wide, judges should be ashamed of themselves; but they lose no sleep over the decisions they make; I can assure you! When things go wrong pass a law; that will take care of the problem, right? Well no it won’t, because after the law is passed and the anger subdued, the law that was passed is then ignored; such as the law that was passed to fine employers who hired illegal aliens that the federal government never enforced. That stopped the anti illegal demonstrations in their tracks because they then had a law that forbade the hiring of illegal aliens; it was nothing more than a ruse to stop dissent against the government, for not enforcing the immigration laws of America! Imagine that; they passed a law and ignored enforcement of that law to cover up the fact that the laws already in effect was not being enforced, if that doesn’t anger you nothing will. I guess that you now think that I am a right wing nut case but think about my statements before passing such harsh judgment. I am proud of the fact that America allows so many immigrants to come into our country and assimilate into our culture, but I want the government to exercise some diligent control over who can immigrate and who cannot! I have a personal stake in this immigration problem because I met my wife in Southeast Asia during the war in Vietnam and believe me it was a real task to get all the proper legal documents for her to come to America, but we did it! It was not easy but we did it, she has been a citizen since 1980 now and she is a loyal American to her adopted country and her proud husband. So I know that it is difficult if not impossible sometimes to do things by the law but if we do not enforce our laws as written then we are inviting chaos into the land. The courts of our land should be nonpartisan in their decisions, politics should never be part of the decision making process. The courts are supposed to rule on the constitutionality of a case, not legislate from the bench. This country is heading towards a constitutional showdown that could very well bring down our representative form of government, why? Well because all three branches of government want to be the controlling branch of government! When and if there ever is a confrontation by the different branches who will prevail? Most likely none of them and we will descend into a state of total anarchy with everybody and his brother looking to take the reigns of power! We need to step back and assess what we are doing as a nation when it comes to law enforcement and governmental jurisdictions, the checks and balances that the founding fathers put into place are slowly being eroded by special interest group’s nation wide. I will stop at this point but rest assured that this will not go magically away, there are many more examples I could put forth but I think the message is clear, we must get our house in order or it will fall. I am a loyal American and pray for all of us and our country, so take care and god bless.