American Islam: Jesus

Islam teaches that Jesus was a prophet and messenger of G-d. Jesus, according to the doctrine of Islam, never claimed divinity for himself, but rather, he called to the Oneness of G-d. This is kind of how Jews view Jesus, except that Jews believe Jesus to have been a rabbi, not a prophet. Christians, on the other hand, believe that Jesus was G-d, made manifest in one third of the holy trinity'”Father, Son and Holy Ghost (or Spirit). Islam teaches that Jesus was in fact the messiah'”this, along with many other things about Jesus, varies from Jewish teaching about both Jesus and the messiah.

Islam teaches that Jesus was born without a father, but that he was in no way the son of G-d, only a miracle, created by G-d, through a virgin birth. Just like Adam was born without either parent, Jesus too was a creation of G-d. G-d did not impregnate Mary to give birth to His son, nor did G-d enter into Mary’s womb to be born of Himself. He simply performed a miracle and Mary became pregnant with a child, like any other mortal child, only this child was blessed as the messiah.

This is a variation from both Christianity as well as Judaism. Most Jews believe that Jesus had a father, most likely that father was Joseph, and that he grew up just as any other ordinary child, became a rabbi, developed a following, and was murdered by the Romans. Christians believe that Mary was a virgin, G-d put His spirit into her womb, that Jesus was born the son of G-d literally, and was sent here to be the ultimate sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins.

Islam teaches that G-d raised Jesus up into the heavens and that he will return to usher in the last days of earth. Islam teaches that Jesus will not return as a prophet or a messenger, but will come to fulfill the final manifestation of the law that was revealed to Muhammad in the Qu’ran.

Jews do not believe in an end-game on earth, unless people destroy themselves. Jews do believe that the messiah is yet to come the first time, and that the messiah will usher in a period of unprecedented peace upon the earth. The Jewish messiah will not be G-d in person, but rather a good man who is blessed by G-d to carry out G-d’s work.

Christians believe that Jesus will return to the earth, rapture all of the Christians into heaven, and unleash a series of chaotic diseases and natural disasters on the people who remain. Christians believe that the ultimate holy war will ensue after this, at which time the devil'”Satan'”will be bound for a thousand years, and then the Day of Judgment will come, which will usher in a New Jerusalem where Jesus will be king and the Christians will help him rule'”although the Christians will be the only ones there.