American Idols Were Rocking it Out on Rock N Roll Night

What a good show it was last night!!! I think everyone rocked it out and was awesome and I am glad that Mr. Paul McDonald was in the pimp spot. He always puts me in a good mood and makes me laugh.

Let’s get right into my recap because I am sure you won’t like my predictions for tonight’s elimination show.

First of all I want to say I like Will.I.Am. The more I see him the more I like him. And obviously the guy can’t get enough of Idol as this was now the third week he was featured in one way or another. I think the advice he gave the contestants were hands on and appreciated.

Jacob Lusk started the show last night with the song: “Man in the Mirror”. As a huge Kris Allen fan I can’t stand any other contestants singing the song anymore. The night Kris Allen sang it he was put in the Top 13 of American Idol Finalists. So when Jacob Lusk announced that we were unwilling to look in the mirror if he was in the bottom tonight I tuned him out. (I am paraphrasing) I thought that was very pretentious and over confident. I admire however the fact that he went against the producers of Idol and chose a song more fitting to him. I like that even so with that dancing last night it would have fit better to ;”Let’s get it on” then to “Man in the Mirror. I thought Lusk was a bit off key. However the judges loved him like they did everyone last night. I still think a Michael Jackson song will ensure that Jacob Lusk will make it another round on American Idol even so he could be in the bottom.

Next up was Haley Reinhart who sang the Janis Joplin version of “Peace of My Heart”. I don’t’ connect with Haley at all. I thought she stumped on stage but other then that she was pretty good. Jennifer Lopez called her a contender and Steven Tyler seemed to be moved to tears. But later I realized that he may have been suffering from a cold as his eyes seemed glassy the entire time and his energy was a bit off comparing with previous shows. Haley Reinhard could be in the bottom tonight.

In my opinion Casey Abrams will be unfortunately in the bottom tonight. He sang: “Have you Ever Seen the Rain?” and brought his upright Bass out. Randy Jackson praised him for that move saying that he makes the upright Bass seem cool. I guess Randy Jackson thinks it is “uncool” normally. As I said before everyone was good and Casey Abrams was no exception but he didn’t stand out and I think he will be in the bottom tonight and maybe leaving tonight.

The girls were dressed by Gwen Stefani and it showed. I didn’t like the hair style nor the choice of wardrobe Lauren Alaina’s h air looked awful and reminded me of the 80ties. She also looked so much older then she is and I didn’t like it. Lauren Alaina sang “(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman.” She sounded a little bit like Kelly Clarkson. I wondered why the judges didn’t pick up on that. Randy Jackson basically called the performance Ok and seemed to say that other contestants in different season were better then her. I think Lauren Alaina did a good job and will move on to the next round.

In the beginning of this season I thought that Casey Abrams would be for sure in the American Idol finale. But at this time I think James Durbin is the contestants who grew on the show the most. Time and Time again he delivers. He is starting to totally win me over. His total control and incredible range is pleasant and even so he is similar to Adam Lambert James Durbin doesn’t go on my nerves with sounds I never heard before or a pretentious personality. Durbin sang; “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Even so I was unfamiliar with this song it connected with me and I would call his performance the best performance of the night. I agree with Jennifer Lopez who said that his vulnerability was special. Well done James Durbin! Needless to say I think he will advance and I would be really mad if he would be in the bottom tonight.

After James Durbin the winner of American Idol Season 10 Scotty McCreery performed: ” That’s all Right”. I say it every time I am almost certain that Scotty McCreery will win this season. Country Music still sells and not just on itunes. The whole records actually still sell. Not to mention he is a darling and a performer. I am not into country but I can tell that the kid has talent and connects with the audience. He doesn’t need any help from American Idol producers who probably send the group of girls on stage to hug him in order to influence our votes. That was so fake and so staged that it almost made me want to vomit. If they continue to pimp Scotty like that America might turn against their favorites as they have done in the past.

Pia Toscana is also a judge favorite! She was next and chose:”River Deep – Mountain High” an up tempo song for a change. She looked “awful” cute in the cow print pajama she was wearing. I just wouldn’t go on a national stage with it. Pia Toscana moved around the entire stage and even made contact with the judges during her performance. Steven Tyler called her a “Murderer “because “she killed” it. She was good and will be advancing in the next round.

Stefano Langone charm is starting to wear of on me but my kids still love him. He sang: “When a Man Loves a Woman” and I am looking at him and wondering if he is the man he is singing about. He seems more like a young cute kid to me then a man. I liked however the advice he had gotten from Will. I. Am to take his time and to be in charge of the song and the performance. That was good. Stefano Langone went all out and I have to applaud his ambition and energy. Either way he might be in the bottom tonight because as I said all of them were good.

Paul McDonald was last and who can not like the guy. I mean he always makes me smile. He performed: “Folsom Prison Blues” and reminded me a bit of the Zac Brown Band. Paul McDonald is a feel good performer. You can’t help but wanting to support the dude. From his dance antics to the yelling at the beginning of every performance :”What’s up Y ‘ll” he is just one of a kind. He was in the last spot which means he will advance to the next round.

My predictions are as following. In the bottom will be Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone or Jacob Lusk. Leaving us tonight will be unfortunately Casey Abrams.

A quick word to my MIA last week! If you are new to my articles you should know that I usually write a recap after each show. A series of events out of my control prevented me from writing articles and a recap last week. I am back now and I hope you come back to look for more of my American Idol recaps.

Last Weeks Elton John Night and Result Show were amazing. It was a treat to listen to Sir Elton Johns songs and the contestants were doing a great job. I was sad to see Naima Adedapo leave but I knew Thia Megia elimination was coming. The Result show was really entertaining with the separate groups singing. That was a good idea Nigel Lythgoe!

Fantasia’s “Collard Green & Cornbread” was really good. I enjoyed seeing her. As I said before I like Will. I. Am so in my opinion he can return to American Idol as many times as he wants to. But I barely remember Jamie Fox and his performances.

For the song titles I used