American Idol’s Taylor Hicks: Singer, Songwriter, Musician…Comedian?

Ever since American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks, made a surprise appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show last week, I’ve wondered if there should be a comedic role in his future. Hicks joined Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert in a parody of the Rebecca Black song, “Friday.” His facial expressions and wild dancing were right on the money in this hilarious version of the song.

It’s not the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse at the silly side of this serious musician, of course. Viewers remember his charming sense of humor on American Idol. And during his run in the Broadway production of Grease, Hicks put his own spin on the character of Teen Angel, soliciting lots of laughs. (And revenue! From a New York Post article, written by Michael Riedel, “[Grease’s] real draw this summer is American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, who’s playing Teen Angel. An insider says Hicks is worth at least $150,000 in extra ticket sales a week.”)

So what to do with this untapped comedic talent? Walk-ons, guest appearances- sure. That would be fun. But I’m thinking bigger. Stay with me, people. Perhaps hosting duties on a show created just for him like, “So You Think You Can Play Harmonica” or “Extreme Makeover: Hair Edition,” in which various contestants decide whether or not to color away the gray. OK, maybe not. Let’s keep thinking.

What if we took two successful reality shows, combined them into one and had Hicks preside over the weekly competitions. They could include: singing while balancing on a tightrope over the rapids, as judges yell things like, “You sound like a lounge singer!”; or singing while building a weatherproof shelter as that week’s mentor gives advice. It could be called “Survivor: American Idol.”

No? Perhaps a sit-com. A good sense of humor is a great asset for a host, but Taylor Hicks’ funny side could really shine in a sit-com. How ’bout if three guys from Alabama- Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard and Bo Bice- moved into a Malibu beach house and tried to make it work despite their lifestyle differences? We could call it, “Two and a Half Idols.” (You see, cuz Bo Bice didn’t win. Get it now?)

Every successful sitcom needs a wacky neighbor, but who? Oh. My. God. It’s so obvious! Paula Abdul, of course. Paula could climb up on to the deck periodically to check in on the boys. And instead of a domineering mother popping in from time to time, we could have the acerbic Simon Cowell ring the front doorbell to come in and shatter the guys’ self-esteem. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

This could be big! It’s practically writing itself! Of course, I’d get credit as it’s creator. Perhaps I could throw the network a bone every now and then and write an episode. This could be my big break! Maybe I could finally move out of my parents’ basement!

Um…I seem to have lost my focus. What was I writing about? Oh yeah. Taylor Hicks. He’s a funny guy. Let’s get him back on TV. Seriously.