American Idol’s Lucky Seven

Paul McDonald was eliminated last night. The Rod Stewart near sound alike, Kenny Loggins near look alike and Charlie Pride near dress alike sounded flat and “pitchy” during Tuesday night’s gig. Overall, he was colorful, totally himself, and did a pretty good job. Paul should be a summer tour favorite.

Let’s quickly critique the seven alleged money makers minus two or three. WWSS (What would Simon Say)? Taking it from worst to first:

Stefano Langone

Stefano, the Karaoke Express was spared once again. He continually tries to sing big voice songs with a ‘Mini Me’ tone. I didn’t even know we had dogs in our quiet suburban neighborhood until Stefano sings. All of a sudden we’re entertained by a chorus of howls. Poof! Be gone Stefano!

Haley Reinhart

If Haley growls one more time I’m going to shave my arm pits. Growling is not sexy, and certainly is not fitting for EVERY song. Steven Tyler’s drooling every time he lays eyes on her encourages her to have Kendra Wilkerson moments. She did okay scatting last night, but hope she won’t try to make a career of it.

Lauren Alaina

Little Missy is so shy at times. She was fortunate to get to see Kelly Clarkson live and up close last night. If she turns it up a notch with a little more sassiness, she may continue to stand for a few more weeks. Steven Tyler, you behave.

Casey Abrams

I’m no mind reader, but did Casey briefly sound like he was challenging Esperanza Spalding after Tuesday’s performance and then with quick thinking pulled back? Smart. Casey, you showed another side of you with Tuesday night’s performance, and made a believer out of yours truly, but putting yourself in the same solar system with Esperanza? Do a duet with Harry Connick, Jr. This link will explain.

In alphabetical order, the next three are your potential winners of American Idol 2011:

James Durbin

James rolled the dice and hit sevens. On Tuesday he was very much in his comfort zone and rocked it out of the house. I dare him to ‘open up a can’ of Robert Plant and use the entire stage. When the competition is over, I can’t wait to see what he can do with some original music.

Jason Lusk

With Anita Baker and Chaka Khan in the audience last night, I only imagined Jason laying down some smooth with Anita and groove with some Chaka Chaka. Simon and Garfunkel wrote it, but until Tuesday night only Aretha Franklin could sing it – “Bridge Over Troubled Waters.” Jason sang it like he wrote it. He has to be careful the next few weeks and pick the right songs that the viewers will understand. Music has been waiting for a great new male singer for a long time. He’s here.

Scotty McCreery

It’s still baffles me that that earth shaking voice comes from that boyish face. Alfred E. Neuman anyone? When he sings I think of Yul Brenner, Mr. Clean, Brawny and Jerry Scoggins (The Ballad of Jed Clampett). I’m a Scotty fan. True to his element, he is country through and through and has everybody waiting to see what he does from week to week.