American Idold Performance Recap March 30th 2011

Before I get in to the recap of the Idols show on Wednesday March 30, 2010, let me just first apologize for writing this so late in the day. I have been having some medical problems recently and the medication I am on makes me very groggy. So I actually had trouble staying awake last night and I also slept late this morning. Thank goodness for DVR’s I have to re-watch the show today in order to do the recap, that is unless you want to read my half asleep version of what I saw which I am sure you don’t.

Last nights theme was Elton John music. The show started off with some clips on the life of Elton John. There is a lot at store this week because the judges used their save last week so that means that two people will go home tonight.

The Performances

The first person to perform was Scotty McCreery. Scotty stayed true to his country roots and sang, “Country Comfort” who knew Elton John actually did a country song? Scotty did great as usual as he sang with his very easy going country style. He even took a moment to give a shout out to his grandma who was in the audience during his song. Very solid performance. The judges all loved it and said he is already a very seasoned performer.

The 2nd performer was Naima Adodapo. She decided to put a Regae spin on, “I’m Still Standing.” She actually didn’t sing it that bad, however, she used a fake ragae accent which made it all seem kind of pretend and childish. I think she could have done the Regae tone and such without faking an accent. That just seemed really odd and fake to me. I actually liked the arrangement, but I can’t forgive the fake of it all. I do have to give her props for always taking charge of the stage when she performs. Randy said it came off kind of corny. I think that about sums it up.

The third person to perform was Paul McDonaldwho sang, “Rocket Man.” Since he was honoring Elton John he brought out the rhinestone flower suit again, he said he was going to retire it after that performance. I actually liked this performance. I think his soft voice complimented the song, and he actually gave it a little power at one point which I liked. My husband who has not been a Paul fan yet didn’t like it at all. I guess its a matter of opinion. Randy called it quiet comfort but said there were a couple of “pitchy” parts. The judges think he could step it up a bit and think he is capable.

The fourth person on the stage was Pia Toscano.who sang, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” She was told to step away from the ballads in previous weeks. However, she did another ballad type song this week, although I don’t totally consider it a total ballad it does have a bit of up tempo in it. As usual she nailed it and of course she looked beautiful doing it. Pia never really seems to move a lot on the stage and while it works for her on a one song a week basis, it might be a bit boring to watch someone doing a whole concert like that. With that being said her vocal was spot on. The judges praised her and were completely happy that she sang a ballad.

The fifth person to perform was Stafano Langone who sang, “Tiny Dancer.” Stefano was in the bottom 3 last week so he had to really bring it this week. I love Stafano’s voice personally last week was not his best performance. His voice sounded lovely he even tried to take the stage just a little bit. What he did not do is have a wow moment. I think if he had, had a hard hitting long moment it would have been a lot better for him. A very nice performance, but I don’t know if it had the wow that will make people remember it. The judges felt he played better to the crowd tonight, Randy agreed he also thought his money notes were right on.

The sixth person to perform was Lauren Alaina, who sang, “Candle in the Wind.” I believe this is the first time she sang a ballad song. She kept it pretty true the original and I think she sang it really nicely. It was a nice sensitive performance. The judges agreed they thought it was very good. Randy said it was her best performance yet. Steven and Maria agreed.

The seventh person to sing was James Durbin who sang, “Saturday Night.” He took a big risk starting out singing in the audience and working his way to the stage going down stairs and all kinds of things. This kind of traveling around can be a big disaster for a lot of contestants but I think James handled it like a pro. It didn’t cause him to lose his voice at all and he did really well. He has had more vibrant performances, but this one was good and solid. The judges all said he seemed to enjoy himself. Steven said that he goes where no man would go but he should not wear out his welcome.

The eight person to perform was Thia Megia who sang, “Daniel.” This is another person who just stands around and sings ballads. She tried to move around a bit more last week, but this week it is back to standing around singing. It sounded pretty, her voice is lovely, but she doesn’t stand out as much as Pia does and she is becoming really boring. Vocally it was really nice but there is little personality coming off her. Maria thought it was beautiful. Randy thought it was too safe, Steven liked it. Thia really needs to step up her game she is competing against some really good people.

The ninth person to sing was Casey Abrams, who sang, “Your Song.” One of my favorite Idol hopefuls sings one of my favorite all time songs. Casey looked nice and he sang the song beautifully. There were no gimmicks and there was no silly stuff. Just a guy with a nice voice singing a very nice song in a nice way. It was certainly a scaled back Casey, but it was lovely.The judges all commented on how happy they were that they saved him last week.

The tenth person to perform was Jacob Lusk who sang, “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.” Once again Jacob seems to be keeping things in great control this week. Jacob has an awesome voice. I like to close my eyes and listen to him because sometimes he gets over animated, but I think he kept everything in check this week. Steven said he blew him away.

Haley Rienhart was in the final position this week which is a good position to be in. She sang, “Bennie and Jets.” As a female I don’t think I would have chosen this song. I think I would have went with a ballad like the other ladies did. However, she did her thing I have to say. She did it kind of like songstress in a bar style sitting on the piano as she sang. She kind of rocked it out at certain parts and showed that she has some power in her vocals. It was an interesting performance I have to say. Steven thought it was sexy, Jennifer thought it was amazing, and Randy called it the performance of the night.

I don’t know who will end up in the bottom 3 tonight they were too many good performances so it is hard to say any one did really badly. I still think Thia needs to step it up a bit, and I don’t like how Naima used a fake accent. I think we might see those two in the bottom three, but you never know.

Stay tuned for results tomorrow.