‘American Idol’ Top 7 Power Rankings: Is it Stefano Langone’s Turn to Go Home?

Power rankings for the “American Idol” Top 7 remain relatively unchanged from last week. The Top 7 finalists will take on “Songs of the 21st Century” for this week’s theme. Since this is probably the most talented group of artists the show has amassed in one season to date, it might not be as much of a problem as it seems to have been for contestants in the past. And this group is on a roll as far as performances are concerned. There have only been a few poor performances since the first Top 11 “Motown” theme. Of course, if there was a time ripe for a group fail, this would be the theme in which it could happen.

Looking at power rankings from TV Guide and the website “Idolator,” it appears that they are in agreement on who is in the power positions and who is the most likely to go home. All the middle ground, from numbers 3 to 6 seems to be in dispute.

James Durbin, after rocking hard with guitar virtuoso Zakk Wylde last week, get the top spot for the second week in a row. Scotty McCreery, who continues to impress the judges and enough people to keep him in the competition (although a quick run through the blogosphere sees a decidedly mixed reaction to young Scotty’s performances), gets the No. 2 position again as well. On the “Idolator” scale, Durbin increased his lead over Scotty (as it should be) by a full point.

So who do the power rankings think is going home this coming week? Stefano Langone. Stefano has courted the Bottom 3 several times already this season. He might avoid it again but it is becoming increasingly clear that his time on the show is getting limited.

But Jacob Lusk ranks sixth on TV Guide’s list, whereas “Idolator” sees Haley Rinehart in the position. The website’s rankings place Jacob in fourth, falling one place back of Casey Abrams. But the Guide doesn’t see Casey as a No. 3 guy at all (they see him as No. 5) — that’s where they have Haley.

And Lauren Alaina, the teen that “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler admires to the point of distraction? She ranks No. 4 with the Guide and No. 5 with “Idolator.”

Power rankings aside, who do the professionals oddsmakers now think has the best shot at winning Season 10? Except for James Durbin moving into a tie for the best odds with Scotty McCreery (2/1) and Lauren Alaina falling into third (but just slightly, 3/2), Bodog rankings remain the same (even if the odds are a bit different), including Stefano being the least favored to win (Paul McDonald ranked seventh last week) at 25/1 odds. Jacob Lusk is next least favored at 20/1 odds.

A strange contradiction to note. Even though Stefano is least likely to win, odds show that Haley is the most likely to be eliminated this Thursday during the Top 7 results show. She is at 2/1 odds, edging out Stefano at 3/2, even though her odds of winning the entire competition puts her in fourth at 10/1 odds.

But all the rankings and odds charts in the world cannot predict the outcome. Casey’s quick dismissal after the Top 11 performances was a shocker, only superseded by Pia Toscano’s elimination from the Top 9. Who knows? One of the favorites could be sent home again.



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