American Idol Top 6 Power Rankings: Is it Haley Rinehart’s Time to Go?

The power rankings for the Top 6 are looking none too good for the “American Idol” girls this week. And the oddsmakers seem to have lost faith in Jacob Lusk, so it could be a toss-up as to who might be headed home after this week’s round of Carole King songs (the theme of the week). And given the soft rock category, the theme could actually prove problematic for the guys overall, which could throw a wrench into the voting works, revealing another elimination that many might not anticipate.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Haley Rinehart seems to be the most likely to go home. She is a constant Bottom 3 dweller (mostly due, it seems, from the judges constantly not giving her the kind of support they’ve showered on the other finalists). Over on the “Idolator” website, Haley is ranked fifth out of six. It isn’t last, but it is close. As for the professional oddsmakers, Bodog has Haley in fifth as well, at 15/1 odds to win.

“Idolator” was feeling no love for judge Steven Tyler’s favorite, Lauren Alaina, after she sang Sara Evans’ “Born To Fly.” The site placed her in the bottom slot of their power rankings list. But she is third on EW’s power list and ranks third in likeliest to win the competition (5/2 odds).

Who has the lead? James Durbin leads the “Idolator” list while Scotty McCreery leads the EW power rankings list. They alternate roles in the opposite lists. James also, according to Bodog, slipped from his tie last week with Scotty to slightly behind the country boy. Scotty now stands at 2/1 odds to win it all. James’ odds to win are 9/4.

The oddsmakers have Jacob Lusk as the least likely to win at 18/1 odds.

So, although it isn’t looking too good for the girls, the category just might sink one of the guys. But don’t bet on that guy being James Durbin. Even though the Santa Cruz rocker has shown a propensity for hard rock showmanship, he has also shown that he can sing ballads with feeling. Casey Abrams also has shown a soft side to his growl. Scotty might have a problem — and given his penchant for over-singing his choices, he will probably do so in this category as well — but the teen voters will probably save him anyway. Jacob thus far has shown little ability to ratchet back on the cathedral voice and that could hurt him this week.

But it all remains to be seen…

Idolator Top 6 Power Rankings

1. James Durbin
2. Scotty McCreery
3. Casey Abrams
4. Jacob Lusk
5. Haley Rinehart
6. Lauren Alaina

Entertainment Weekly Top 6 Power List

1. Scotty McCreery
2. James Durbin
3. Lauren Alaina
4. Casey Abrams
5. Jacob Lusk
6. Haley Rinehart

Odds To Win American Idol Season 10

Scotty McCreery – 2/1
James Durbin – 9/4
Lauren Alaina – 5/2
Casey Abrams – 15/2
Haley Rinehart – 15/1
Jacob Lusk – 18/1



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