‘American Idol’ Top 4 Results Night Shocker: A Guy Goes Home

Well, there goes my dreams of a Haley/James duet on “American Idol,” never mind the ultimate dream of a Haley/James finale. All four of these contestants deserved a shot at the finale, and it would have been poignant if any of them had left. Though we’re sure J-Lo wouldn’t have cried for Haley. Last night’s voting was all about reaching a demo, and while Scotty and Lauren pulled the God card, Haley had the underdog vote. Sadly, that left James without a crazily motivated fan base.

Group Performances

The duets tonight gave one good reason why it should have been a Haley/James finale. The girls performed together, as did the guys. Both sang country tunes, because well, that’s what Scotty and Lauren can sing. James proved amazingly adept on the country song, and it’s always a thrill to hear how well Lauren and Haley blend their voices. Guess we’ll be getting some more of that girl harmony goodness in the Top 3 week, but my husband was right to ask, “So, what, this is “Country Idol” now?”

Extra points to the stylists and/or the girls themselves for wardrobe tonight. Haley had her f—it-all ensemble on that was as skimpy as could be, with hot pants and a sparkly low-cut top, and Lauren looked fantastic in an all-black rocker ensemble complete with leather jacket. The girls looked fantastic. Detracting points from Scotty for his continuing weird gestures when he performs; he’s got to cut down on those T-Rex arm movements.

Amusement points for the group of kids sitting around the edge of the stage while James and Scotty sang–all the little girls looked thrilled, and then there was one sour-looking boy stuck in the middle. He was not cool with it.

Family Web Cam Visits

I thought for sure Haley was going home when they got to the web cam family visit portion of the night. Haley fans everywhere got excited that we would finally see Haley’s family members, but no, she once again got the “loser” edit and was hardly shown. There was plenty of love for Scotty and his piano-playing video, Lauren and her dogs, and James and his fiance and their child. Will they even show Haley’s home town next week? Will she get the “silent” edit like Casey James did last year?

More Filler

After the web cam visits and then a shot of the “American Idol” contestants sitting down to watch a Lady Gaga video, I was wondering if we were going to watch them running in a mouse wheel next. Obviously they’ve run out of all the cool movie premiere and photo shoot stuff to cover. After watching Gaga in a patent leather bra and panties doing gymnastics while at the piano, we’re certain Scotty had to go to church to balance it out.

We did find out that Lauren Alaina was the first person safe in the top 3!

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique’s medley performance of “Dirty Dancer” and “I Like It” was entertaining and would be great in a dance club, but it was kind of a whole lot of nothing, vocals-wise. It seemed the video version of Usher had more of the vocals on the former tune, but Enrique made it work, and the grabby girls in the front seemed to be enjoying themselves. It would have been even sexier if Enrique hadn’t looked so frightened of the “swaybots,” but who can blame him?

Ryan’s Insurance Premium Just Went Up

Ryan had a hilarious, unscripted moment as one of the giant balloons from Enrique’s set floated up towards the stage. Ryan reached out to bat it back towards the audience, and ended up leaping off of the stage into the crowd. Luckily our plucky host landed on his feet and was unharmed. As Ryan himself tweeted, an “Idol” doctor even checked him out: “Just got a visit from the on set doctor at #americanidol during commercial break. I’m good doc! #nobrokenbones”.

Insert Product Placement Here

We got yet another Ford video, which had a few cute special effects moments–they seem big into having the kids “draw stuff” this year. Haley giving James a neon mohawk, before drawing little hearts in the air, and James drawing himself a guitar were the highlights. I really hope we’re not going to get a two-girls-fighting-over-Scotty scenario in the commercial next week. Ugh.

Jordin Sparks

I’m not entirely sure if Jordin was singing tonight, or perhaps singing over backing tracks. Whatever the case, her “I am Woman” performance was fiery and amazing. Starting in a trench coat and heels, then shrugging out of it later to reveal a skimpy fringed black dress, Jordin heated up the stage with her back-up dancers. The song is solid and definitely something worthy of adding to your iTunes playlist.

The Final Results

James, Scotty and Haley waited on stage for Ryan to deliver the final verdict. Ryan talked about how it had been said it was looking to be a “guy’s year,” and then he said there would be two girls in the final. Haley, and all the Haley fans at home, gave Ryan a shocked look. When it sank in, Haley fans were no doubt going crazy, and Haley skipped over to the new gold stools to receive a giant hug from a happy Lauren.

James started to get glassy-eyed at this point, and for once, Scotty looked as if he had one slight grain of doubt over his status on the show. But with both girls safe, and Scotty standing there, we and James had a deep suspicion it was his time to go. It was.

Final Performance

With the tears welling up in his eyes, I was wondering how well James would handle his exit, but he pulled himself together. He was emotional as he told Ryan that he “worked damn hard to get here,” and that he’d really thought he had a chance to get to the end. He also said, in that James way, that he had done things on the stage that no one before him had. It’s true, we probably haven’t seen a flaming piano before, and we haven’t had Judas Preist or Muse. James really did do some cool things in his “American Idol” run, and the finale’s going to be a lot less eventful without him around. Even Ryan seemed heartfelt when he told James, “We’re going to miss you.”

James did “Maybe I’m Amazed” for his final song, and he sounded just as beautiful as he did when he had his first moment with that tune. As he went out into the crowd and hugged an exuberant Casey Abrams, then hugged and kissed his fiancee, James started to crack. His vocals got more emotional, and he wailed big time on the power notes. It was all James on that final performance, and he even whipped off his vest and tossed it into the audience. The three safe contestants applauded James and showed him love. Haley headed out first to give him a hug, and then Lauren and Scotty joined in.

James really does have talent, and would make a fabulous front man for a band. Here’s hoping he finds someone savvy to partner up with, who will help him be successful and channel all that creativity and passion in the best possible way.

James did say that “I did what I came here to do–give metal a chance!” He also came to make a better life for his family, and certainly the tour money will help with that, and whatever offers come after. Best of luck to the Durbins, and we look forward to seeing James in the finale, even though he sadly won’t be in that final 2.

What do you think? Did the right person go home?

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