‘American Idol’ Top 3 Power Rankings: Scotty McCreery Finale Bound, But Who Else?

Scotty McCreery has placed first or second in the power rankings lists for weeks. Now, since his strongest competitor, California rocker James Durbin, was eliminated last week, it would appear that young Scotty might have the advantage over the two remaining females in the competition — Haley Reinhart and Lauren Alaina. The North Carolina teen certainly had compilers of power rankings lists like TV Guide and Idolator believing he is the guy to beat.

TVGuide.com placed the high school pitcher at the top of its list, noting that he received almost half of the votes this week (the Guide‘s list is voter-generated). The site also mentioned that Lauren sank to last place after mentor Jimmy Iovine “verbally flogged” her, which he did during both the Top 5 and Top 4 results episodes, mostly castigating her for pulling back on the power notes and noting that she has been showing her lack of confidence while performing. Reinhart is a strong second due to her comeback performance of “I (Who Have Nothing),” especially after the harsh criticism directed her way from judge Randy Jackson after her first performance last week.

“Idolator,” an entertainment blog that follows shows like “American Idol,” had the same line-up this week. That particular list noted that Lauren placed last not because she did poorly during her two Top 3 performances, but because she just didn’t “wow” like Scotty and Haley did.

Over at “mjsbigblog,” another entertainment blog that devotes much of its coverage to “American Idol,” the list also reflected a Top 3 with Scotty on top and Lauren on the bottom. The blog noted that Scotty seemed “unstoppable” and that Lauren’s lack of “confidence and self-possession,” despite having plenty of raw talent, would lead to her losing the battle of country voices. That split, according to MJ, will propel Reinhart into the finale.

Although Lauren was labeled “the one” by judge Steven Tyler after her audition in Nashville, power rankings do not seem to have that kind of confidence in her (following Iovine’s lead). If the lists are correct, then it is highly doubtful that there will be an all-girl sing-off in the finale. Although he has appeared one-dimensional throughout the season, Scotty has been somewhat consistent in his delivery of performances (with a few missteps — ones that the judges kindly ignored, which makes the veteran “American Idol” watcher long for the days of Simon Cowell). However, the listings could still be incorrect in which female gets into the finale. There just might be an all-country sing-off to finish Season 10.

But, then, Scotty might not make the finale at all. Frontrunners have not been treated kindly by the voters during Season 10. Pia Toscano, the clear frontrunner after the Top 13 was named, was eliminated in ninth place. James Durbin, who battled Scotty for the top spot for the last eight weeks, fell in the fourth position. So nothing is truly certain for the teen, not until host Ryan Seacrest tells him he’s in the finale.

The naming of the two who will compete in the Season 10 finale will take place live from Hollywood Thursday on Fox Television. The winner will be named May 26.



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