‘American Idol’ Taylor Hicks Concert Review: Intimate Bar Setting in Akron, Ohio

On May 13 in Akron, Ohio, a great night of music was created in an intimate bar setting by Taylor Hicks, the “American Idol” Season 5 winner. Some people head out to arenas to watch a concert, where if you are very lucky or pay a huge ticket price you may get a seat close to the stage. Most times you will not be so lucky and the distance from the stage could turn watching the concert on a large screen television into your only resort. I am sure this setting has its benefits, but there are those that prefer to be up close and personal with the person who they have paid to see. This is how a bar setting or small venue makes the concert experience so much more special.

Musica provided the perfect setting for an amazing Taylor Hicks concert. Musica is a music venue nestled in downtown Akron on the corner of Main and Market Street. For an entertainer like Taylor Hicks, this venue is a perfect way to entertain fans in close proximity.

While singing “Compared to What,” Taylor bounded onto the stage among loud cheers and applause. Cameras flashed and videos were being shot as fans tried to capture each moment. Taylor had the crowd eating out of his hands when he slowed it down and sang “Just to Feel That Way”, a song from his first self named post-Idol CD Taylor Hicks. He then got them back on their feet when he sang “Back to Louisiana”, a cover of Delbert McClinton’s. Next songs played were “The Maze” from the Taylor Hicks CD and “Hold On to Your Love” from the pre-Idol album “Under the Radar”.

Hicks got into his groove when he sang the beautiful song “Maybe You Should” from his newest CD “The Distance.” After that was Van Morrison’s “Rough God Goes Riding” a new cover song Hicks has recently added to his set list. He next sang his hit single “What’s Right is Right.” from “The Distance” album. It was time to get back up and dance when he sang The Rolling Stones’s “Can’t You Hear me Knocking.”

Next was a tribute to the United States Armed Forces and the song in tribute to them is “Nineteen.” This song always touches the crowd and even those who aren’t die-hard fans of Taylor Hicks love “Nineteen.” “Naked in the Jungle” is another crowd pleaser that gets them dancing followed by “Seven Mile Breakdown.” The crowd loved the high energy concert.

After leaving the stage for a brief period, Taylor returned amid loud applause and cheers to perform a special encore for Ohio, the song “My City Was Gone” by “The Pretenders.” This was a great high energy song to end the concert, and kept the crowd up and moving. After the song ended Taylor left the stage and went over to the merchandise line.

A large line formed quickly as concert goers waited patiently for autographs and to get a picture with Taylor Hicks. Taylor was great with the crowd. He stayed and took time with each fan to let them talk with him.

Taylor Hicks took Akron Ohio on a musical journey, and joked, and talked to the crowd in between songs. If you are looking for an intimate concert experience with great music make sure to look for a Taylor Hicks concert near you. Check out Taylor Hicks.com for concert listings.

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