American Idol Shocker Sees Pia Toscano Ousted by America

An “American Idol” shocker saw one time favorite Pia Toscano ousted by America. Maybe Pia Toscano wasn’t truly ousted by fans of the show. In fact, it’s probably time the whole voting process is restructured to ensure things like this don’t continue to happen.

What happened on “American Idol” last night can only be described as a huge setback for a show that has grown by leaps and bounds this year. The competition has been incredible-perhaps because the new judges have selected such incredible live performers. What we’ve witnessed so far on “American Idol” is a competition between what could be several future music superstars. Pia Toscano was easily one of those. Her ability to blow the crowd away with her incredible Celine Dion type vocals will not be lost because of her early exit. Perhaps fans collectively thought Pia was safe so the votes just didn’t come in. We saw a similar incident when the judges used a save a few weeks ago when Casey Abrams was nearly voted off. I’m guessing the judges probably wish they could have held one more save in their back pockets for this week.

Will this change the process for “American Idol” after this incredible shocker that sent a favorite home way early?
There are so many ways “American Idol” could restructure the voting so it more closely reflects the talent level in the competition. The judges could get a percentage of the vote. America could vote for their top three instead of voting for who should stay. Or we could get really mean–and America could vote for who they want to go home.
Realistically, I think this might be the best and most natural way to rid the field of people who don’t truly belong. Unlike other years, “American Idol” is extremely loaded with an overwhelming amount of talent. Talent that can sing live and perhaps produce many hit records for years to come.

The Pia Toscano shocker could alter the way “American Idol” handles the process for years to come. If America will let a singer like Toscano go home this early-it certainly doesn’t serve the show any justice. Judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson were as shocked as anyone at the voting results. Pia handled her early exit with an amazing amount of class and belted out another superior tune before leaving the show for good.
If the potential exit of Casey Abrams was a shocker, the exit of Pia Toscano was a disaster. “American Idol” producers will have to think about what happened and retool the show so that this type of incident doesn’t happen again. The judges and Ryan can point to America being at fault for not voting for Pia–but the system is to blame. When you can vote for just one person, it’s more than likely that this type of incident will continue to occur over and over again. Look at the history of “American Idol.” The people who have become the biggest superstars after the show were typically voted off(or not voted on.)

It’s an inadequate system. It’s a system that doesn’t really allow the show to produce a top winner let alone a top final five from year to year. It becomes a popularity contest instead of a talent show. That’s always been the problem with the final few episodes of “American Idol.” Nearly every year, somebody goes home way too early. But the biggest “American Idol” shocker took place last night. Pia Toscano was ejected well before her time. Pia was easily one of the top 2-3 performers on the show. In my “American Idol” predictions, I picked Lauren Alaina to win it all a few weeks ago. My reason? Not because Alaina is the absolute best. I truly believe that role is reserved for Pia Toscano.

You can’t watch her without shaking your head and wondering how Pia has been so flawless every time out. And I am not saying Alaina doesn’t deserve to win-because I think she is extremely polished and perhaps the person with the most potential to be a huge recording star. But history repeats and the person who has the most pop and commercial appeal usually wins “American Idol.” That’s why Crystal Bowersox didn’t win “American Idol.” That’s my theory anyway. America will vote for the most mainstream person 99% of the time. Lauren Alaina is the girl next door. She’s a cross between country and pop. That genre just happens to be the golden ticket these days. Toscano fit into that role of being commercial way more than Bowersox ever did. But both certainly deserved to win the entire competition based on their outstanding performances week in and week out. When it comes down to it, America just collectively seems to want the person who is more mainstream to win.

There’s no secret to why record producers continually shove the same 4-5 types of recording artists down our throat. Because we typically seem to like the same stuff. When someone like Toscano arrives on the scene, she only seems to fit a niche audience that likes the tremendously talented Michael Boltons and Celine Dions of the world. Sure, it’s incredible to listen to but I guess America is saying that this type of music just isn’t that fun. Perhaps when it came down to it, Pia Toscano just wasn’t as fun as the other contestants. Perhaps America thought she was saved. Perhaps she didn’t get the votes because America wants the feel good story of the girl next door. Maybe they want to see the sheepish grinning kid with the deep country voice take home the prize. Maybe the James Durbin story keeps people on the edge of their seats. Maybe the girl next door is just too good to pass up.

It’s unfortunate that many people will read this tomorrow and be completely shocked that Pia has been eliminated if they missed “American Idol.” I am sure many who used their DVR to record the show will watch tomorrow and wonder how this came to be. My only answer is that there is no great answer. “American Idol” needs to rethink the entire voting process. Who cares if you get a gazillion votes each week if the votes aren’t sorted in a fair way. Fair meaning in this case that somebody who should have been in the top three sticks around and doesn’t go home. It’s one “American Idol” shocker we’ll probably never forget.
Maybe a future rule change would be a great thing to come out of this horrific incident. It’s just too bad that in the next few weeks we won’t have Pia around to enjoy as the competition heats up. That, in “American Idol” terms, is tragic.