‘American Idol’ Shocker: Pia Toscano is Eliminated from Show

Pia Toscano — one of our favorites from the start — has been eliminated from the “American Idol” show. If you haven’t been watching “American Idol,” Thursday night is elimination night for the contestants. For the top nine contestants, last night was truly shocking. The Top eight are no doubt glad their names weren’t called even as America sits stunned that our favorite is no longer on the show.

Toscano, the 22-year-old from Howard Beach, N.Y., is now the fifth finalist to leave the “Idol” stage and contest. She received the fewest votes from Wednesday’s performance during Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week.

Boos rained down from the studio audience, as America and the “Idol” judges sat in dismay. Remember Chris Daughtry? He was also kicked off early. Today, he’s still singing and doing pretty darn good.

After the result was announced, Toscano said softly, “I’m good. I’m OK.”

When asked what just happened, Jennifer Lopez replied, “I — I have no idea — I have no idea what just happened here. I’m shocked. I’m angry. I don’t even know what to say.”

The judges were angry that one of the shows top contenders was effectively kicked off the show by America. Or could it be that America really didn’t like her performance? To be honest, we know her performance wasn’t her best performance. Where you shocked she was in the bottom three?

At this point in the competition, every contestant has to bring their best performance. If they don’t, the chances are they could be sent home. Having said that, the truth is that she sang better than Stefano Lagone sang. Are you a Stefano fan?

America did make a mistake in not voting for Pia. Don’t we wish “Idol” had a second save about now? She is worth saving! Two weeks ago, we watched as the judges “saved” Casey Abrams. Was it a good save?

The problem with this season of “American Idol” is that everyone is good. Every finalist has proven that they deserve to be in the finals. Every week from here on out, as each person get kicked off, it will be a shock. There isn’t any other way. We love them all.

It comes down to who sang the best!

The bottom three finalists were Stefano Lagone, Pia Toscano, and Jacob Lusk. Once again, America got it right. All of the finalists are amazing singers, but these three weren’t at the same caliber as the other finalist. So, they were in the bottom. As sad as it is to see Pia go, this wasn’t one of her best performances. At this stage, she needed a flawless performance.

She was composed as she found out her fate. She even sang her heart out in the exit song. It wasn’t until her fellow finalist surrounded her that she broke down in tears.

The “Idol” Top 8 are Abrams, Lusk, Langone, Lauren, Haley, James, Scotty, and Paul. If you have a favorite, Pia’s elimination is a reminder to us all that we need to vote for our favorites.