American Idol Season Ten Result Show-Three Idols Voted Down to Two

Tonight’s American Idol hour result show revealed the top two American Idol finalists voted into the finals by America. Last night, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart, put on amazing performances singing three songs each. One song was the judge’s selection, another song was selected by Jimmy Lovine, the American Idol onset vocal coach and one song was the American Idol contestant’s preference. Haley Reinhart won the first round, Scotty McCreery had two out of three judges in round two, and Lauren Alaina had two out of three judge’s in the third round. The spectacular Beyonce was the guest mentor. The three judges, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were overly impressed by last night’s American Idol contestant’s performances.

On tonight’s result show after a taped American Idol video menage with Jimmy Lovine, the Idol vocal coach, predicting Scotty McCreery would be one of the two finalists, Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host, announced that over 95 million votes came in, more than last year’s finale. The top three American Idol finalists didn’t perform a musical number tonight.

Another tape aired showing Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Haley Reinhart, along with last week’s voted off James Durbin visiting, “Bad Robot Productions,” to view preview clips of the upcoming movie, “Super 8.” They received cameras from the producer to shoot their hometown visits. Videos from their hometown visits were shown tonight. Haley’s hometown visit was in Wheeling, Illinois.

Scotty’s hometown visit was Garner, North Carolina where Josh Turner surprised him while Scotty was singing Josh’s song on stage. Lauren’s hometown visit was Rossville, Georgia where tornadoes destroyed many areas.

Scotty, Lauren and Haley appeared in this week’s Ford Focus commercial playing around at the beach.

The guest musical performers tonight were; IL Volo, three young teenagers from Italy who sang the song, “Sole Mio,” and Nicole Scherzinger who sang, “Right There,” with rapper 50 Cent.

Ryan Seacrest announced America’s voting results with Scotty McCreery being the first person to be named as one of the American Idol finalists. Lauren Alaina was named as the second finalist to join Scotty. Haley Reinhart, the raspy rock and roll singer was voted off by America. This leaves two country singers in the finale next week. Haley Reinhart sang her final song, “Benny In The Jets,” after her show montage aired. Do you think America got it right?

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