American Idol Season Ten Crowns a Country Singer American Idol

Tonight on May 25, 2011, American Idol crowned season ten’s American Idol, a country singer. Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery battled each other performing three songs during last night’s performance, as the youngest contestants in a finale. During this season America voted off more outstanding contestants, such as, James Durbin, the heavy metal favorite, Pia Toscano the favorite ballad singer, Casey Abrams the stand out jazz man, and Haley Reinhart the raspy blues singer. America chose to vote two young country singers into the finale. Is America telling us they want wholesome images as the American Idol? Last year America also voted in a more subdued contestant than the talented but wilder image contestant.

On tonight’s two hour American Idol finale, Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host, announced there were over one hundred and twenty-two million votes for this year’s American Idol finale. Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery took the stage first to join the other top thirteen contestants dressed in white to sing Lady Gaga’s, “Born This Way.” Tonight was also a night of multiple amazing musical performances with many surprise musical guest stars.

James Durbin, the heavy metal American Idol contestant returned to sing, “Living After Midnight,” and, “Breaking The Law,” with his heavy metal hero, Judas Priest. Jacob Lusk, the gospel singing American Idol contestant, sang, “I Smile,” with Kirk Franklin and Gladys Knight. Casey Abrams, the jazzy American Idol contestant sang a rollicking version of, “Fat Bottom Girls,” with Jack Black.

Seven top American Idol female contestants were all dressed in red as they took the stage and sang a medley of songs by Beyonce, including, “Put A Ring On It,” “To The Left,” “If I Were A Boy,” and, “Get Me Bodied,” before Beyonce joined them on stage to perform a song and dance version of her hit, “Crazy In Love.” Beyonce was also a guest mentor for the American Idols this season.

Haley Reinhart the jazzy blues contestant joined Tony Bennett to sing, “Stepping’ Out With My Baby.”

TLC and Little John performed with the top female American Idol contestants singing, “Don’t Go Chasing’ Waterfalls.” Scotty McCreery took the stage and performed a country duet, “Live Like You Were Dying,” with Tim McGraw.

To honor the three American Idol judges, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, a taped video of their quirky moments were aired. Randy and his, “In it to win it,” and, “What’s going on with this show,” phrases. Steven’s crazy and often censored phrases along with his leering looks. Jennifer and all the compliments about her beauty during the season. Of course American Idol also aired a tape of contestants who tried out for American Idol but failed, maybe due to their way out vocals and bizarre physical actions.

Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez’s husband, took the stage to perform one of his Spanish hits with his band. Jennifer Lopez joined her husband on stage to perform a very seductive dance number.

The top six male American Idol contestants performed a medley of Tom Jones’ songs, including, “Kiss, “She’s A Lady,” “What’s New Pussycat,” “Green Green Grass Of Home” “Love Me Tonight,” and,”Delilah.” Tom Jones came on stage to sing, “It’s Not Unusual,” with the male contestants.

Ford, the American Idol main sponsor issued two Ford Focus cars, one to Scotty McCreery’s chorus teacher and the other to Lauren Alaina’s principal, because of the Ford Drive One 4U Program. Scotty and Lauren also received keys to select any Ford car they desire.

Lady Gaga appeared on stage to perform a theatrical version of her song, “Edge Of Glory.” Lady Gaga was a guest American Idol vocal coach this season.

Lauren Alaina took the stage to sing a duet with Carrie Underwood to her hit song, “Before He Cheats.”

Beyonce returned to the stage to perform her favorite song, “One Plus One.” Bono and The Edge performed, “Rise Above,” with Reeve Carney from their Broadway musical, Spiderman. Spiderman soared above the audience and landed upside down in front of Jennifer Lopez at the end.

Steven Tyler took the stage before the American Idol announcement to perform his Aerosmith hit, “Dream On.”

Of course American Idol loves to build the tension before announcing the winner of season ten. America wanted a country American Idol and they got their wish when Ryan Seacrest announced America voted in Scotty McCreery as the season ten American Idol. Scotty McCreery from Raleigh, North Carolina, broke up with emotions singing his first future hit, “Love You This Big,” as he hug his family and fellow American Idol contestants.

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