American Idol Season 10 Results Show Recap April 28

Last night’s (April 28) American Idol Results show started out with an introduction to the contestants and the judges. Ryan showed a couple of magazine covers that Steven Tyler is on.

They showed a clip of the contestants visiting the British Conciliate. They seemed to be having a good time. Of course this was in honor of the royal wedding.

Then there was a medley from the contestants of Carol King songs by the contestants. I didn’t realize just how many popular songs she was a part of. Each of the contestants got a fair share of the performance.

After some commercials it was time for the Ford Video. It was kind of a cool video where the contestants would draw something and it wold kind of come to life.

Before there was any talk of the bottom three they had last season’s runner up Crystal Bowersocks perform. I thought she was great last year and it was nice to see her. The song was what I would consider to be country.

Just to waste a little time, I think, Ryan did a Q&A with the contestants from questions from fans from around the country.

Then it was time to send some people to the bottom 3. Ryan called up Haley Reinhart first. Haley gets the safety call and gets to go back to the couch.

The next person pulled up was Scotty McCreery, they showed a clip on what Jimmy thought of him as they did for every contestant, but instead of getting an answer right away about where he would end up he was instead sent back to the couch to await his faith.

Ryan then brought up Lauren and did the same thing. Showed a clip and sent her back to await her fate.

He then pulled Casey up. In Jimmy’s clip he predicted that Casey is safe, but said he needs to growl a little less because the families dogs don’t vote. Once again Casey was sent back to sit on the couch with out knowing if he was in the bottom three or not either.

Then Ryan pulled up James. After his Jimmy clip he was immediately told he was safe, so there was no teasing James. So at this point all we know is that James and Haley are safe.

Then he pulled Jacob. Jimmy predicts that Jacob has a possibility that Jacob will go home. Ryan then pulls up Lauren, Casey, and Scotty join Jacob up on the stage. He then sends Lauren back to safety. Obviously by process of elimination this means that Jacob, Casey, and Scotty are obviously the bottom three.

Then it was time for Bruno Mars to perform.

Then Casey, Scotty, and Jacob awaited their fate. Jacob was sent back to safety while Scotty and Casey stood there awaiting their fate. I was certainly sad about both of those guys standing there, but in the end it was Casey Abrams who would be going home.

He sang, “You Put a Spell on Me as His Swan Song.” I have never seen such an energetic swan song on Idol before. He was being Casey all the way, taking over the stage hugging the audience and kissing several girls out in the audience on cheek. I love Casey I will certainly miss him. I think going with two jazz type songs 2 weeks in a row was his down fall because it is those teenage girls who do most of the voting and that is not really their cup of tea. Casey you always entertained me. I think you are hilarious and I will miss you.