American Idol Season 10 May 18th Performance Recap

On American Idols Season 10 May 18th performance show each contestant performed 3 different songs. The first song would be one of their own choice, the second would be chosen by this season’s mentor Jimmy, and the third song was chosen for the contestants by the judges.

At the beginning of the show there was a feature clip on Biance who would be helping to mentor the contestants.

The Performances

The first of the remaining contestants to sing was Scotty McCreery who sang a song by Lone Star called, “Amazed.” He did a pretty little country slang on to the song. The performance was pretty and contained. The song sounded pretty but there was no big wow factor and moment. I think it was probably too little of a subdued song for a top three performance trying to get in to the finale. It was lovely, just not wowy. Steven said he just keeps getting better, Jennifer said he has really grown and he is using his bravado more. Randy thought it was a good song choice for him.

The Next person to perform was Lauren Alaina who sang, Faith Hills, “Wild One.” I think Lauren gave a fun performance, I found her voice to be a little sharp at times. But the performance had a lot of energy. Not a perfect vocal but and entertaining one. I don’t know if it was championship though. Maria Lopez said she attacked it, Randy liked that she had fun, Steven said she seemed to have fun.

That left Haley Reinhart to perform third. Haley performed a Led Zepplen song and was the first contestant to ever be backed up by a family member on the Idol stage has her dad played in the background. Haley did it a little bit sultry and bit powerful. She took a little tumble mid stream but got right back up and rocked the end of the song. The most original and interesting performance of the night. Randy and Steven gave her a standing ovation and Randy said, “This is what it is all about., Best performances ever.” Steven asked if she fell for him, then said she was really good, and Maria agreed and said she handled it like a professional when she fell.

Round 2

Next were the songs chosen by Jimmy Lovine who chose Thompson Square’s “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” for Scotty McCreery. Scotty accompanied himself on the guitar. This was a great country song for him that fit his voice really well. But it was a typical Scotty performance, again nothing really jumped out as spectacular, but I don’t care. I love his voice, he has a beautiful country voice and no matter what happens he will have a brilliant country career. The judges liked it and thought he was in his zone. They liked the song for him.

Next Lauren sang “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. She sang the song pretty and sweet. I don’t know that it was a great song choice for this level of the competition. It picked up towards the end and was pretty good. But at this level in the competition I am looking for amazing not just good. I blame Jimmy for picking this song though, not Lauren. Maria says she has a beautiful tone. The other judges agreed but did point out that she stumbled a bit but picked it back up right away.

Haley Reinhart was chosen to sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon.” She started out making it her own taking some liberties with the notes, I think she got a little week towards middle. I was surprised because Haley has a lot of power in her voice, she ended pretty good, but this was no my favorite performance of hers. Good thing her first one was so good. Randy thought she did her thing, Steven loved it, Maria said it was a beautiful moment she thought she might take it to a bit of a higher level but said it was a beautiful performance.

Round 3

The judges chose Scotty McCreery to sing Kenny Rogers, “She Believes in Me.” This is one of the most beautiful country songs ever written. He did the chorus really well, it was a tad bit week before the chorus hit, but he finished it out beautifully. I am surprised he didn’t take it a bit lower than he did though. The judges loved it and said that he stretched himself out of his comfort zone a bit and did a good job at it.

The judges chose Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” for Lauren Alaina. This is a really good song and provides some moments to showboat a bit. Lauren sang it easily the chorus is really the bread and butter of this song she did a nice job and even showed a little spunk, but when she could have really gone for it she kind of pulled back. I would have totally hit that ending chorus line really hard if I was her. Maria said it was beautiful, Randy said she slayed it, Steven said she walked out like she owned the Grand Ol Opre. On a side not she looked beautiful in a long shiny flowing baby blue gown.

For Haley the judges picked Alanis Morrisett’s, “You Oughta Know.” Haley hit the chorus hard and perfectly, she was a little too breathy prior to that, she performed it though she put a lot of a emotion in to the performance and you could feel the viciousness of the song when she sang. The beginning was not great but the ending was rocking and powerful. Randy pretty much said everyone was in it to win to it about everyone so does that really count? Steven complimented the chorus, as did Maria, they did not mention really the weaker points of the song. Maria kind of sounded like she was about to but instead seemed to just accentuate how good the chorus was.

My Thoughts

I am not really sure what to think or who will make it to the finale. I think Haley had the best performance of the night but her other two songs were not as strong, I think Lauren was a little subdued for this level of the competition, and Scotty was awesome as usual but didn’t really pull anything extraordinary out of his cowboy hat. I honestly can’t make a prediction at this point.