American Idol Season 10 Finale: Ultimate Viewer’s Guide

During the American Idol finale, fans will watch two country singing superstars duel it out on the live stage. From early on, Scotty McCreery was favored as he used his low-pitched voice to woo fans and sing hits from singers like Garth Brooks, Lonestar and Kenny Rogers.

Now McCreery finds himself up against another country crooner in Lauren Alania and the two will battle for the Season 10 championship.

Read all about the Americna Idol finale and facts about the 10th season, former singers, and top performances.

Haley Reinhart’s Best ‘American Idol’ Performances After appearing in the bottom three week after week, “American Idol” third place singer Haley Reinhart got her act together, wowed judges and gained votes to make it through week after week. Performing songs from greats like Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, and Led Zeppelin, she showed that she deserved a spot on the stage and had the potential to win the whole competition.

Scotty McCreery and Carrie Underwood Among Best ‘American Idol’ Country Crooners There have been some forgettable country acts like Kristie Lee Cook, but the following five singers shined throughout their time on “Idol” and in their careers after they left the show.

Former ‘American Idol’ Contestant Tim Halperin Gets Second Chance on Kidd Kraddick’s ‘Idol Got It Wrong’ Every week Halperin sings the day after Idol competition in a head to head sing-off that fans vote on.

Can a Girl Ever Win ‘American Idol’ Again? With the elimination of Pia during the 10th season, odds look slim again as Hailie and Lauren go up against the remaining six male contenders.

‘American Idol’ Winner David Cook Covers “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” as ‘Idol’ Send-off Song The new version of the 1980’s classic features Cook’s rock vocals and will be featured on every “American Idol” results show. Also expect Cook to sing the song during “American Idol” season finale.

Five Songs that Should Never Be Sung on ‘American Idol’ Again If an “American Idol” singer comes across one of the following five songs, they should avoid it at all costs. These songs have been mastered, butchered, or just become plain boring on the “Idol” stage.

Why Season 7 of ‘American Idol’ Is the Best of Them All
Many factors helped make that season a success and so far there has not been a season like it. With David Cook as it’s winner, that could always be the defining moment and season of “American Idol.”

Jennifer Lopez Songs That Should Be Sung on ‘American Idol’ Whether the contestants use the original composition or mix up songs to make them their own, the following are some of the best selections of J.Lo songs for “American Idol” contestants.

The Best (and Worst) “American Idol” Aerosmith Covers While some of the Aerosmith performances stand out and can become a record of their own, a couple have become Idol fodder and even led to the elimination of some contestants.

Tips for Watching American Idol Online There are multiple websites you can easily watch American Idol online for free.

Why There Should Be American Idol Action Figures With such a popular show, it is no wonder why they have not created American Idol action figures based off of these popular contestants and by the end of this article, you will be thinking the same thing.