American Idol Season 10, April 6th Shocking Results Show

Last nights (April 7, 2011) was a bit of shocker. The person who was sent home was one that I thought would be in the top 3 or 4 so I was certainly surprised. In fact not just who went home but who ended up in the bottom 3 was a bit of a surprise. We shall get to all that in a moment.

Russel Brand Pays a Visit

There was a clip at the beginning of the show after the contestants did their rock medley. The clip had Russel Brand come in and talk to them about commanding a stage. It was mostly a comedy piece I think and possibly a nice stress reliever for the contestants. The clip was quite funny and the contestants seemed to really enjoy themselves. He called Casey a beautiful hair ball or something like that, that was kind of funny. He had some of the contestants pretend to be judges.

The First in the Bottom 3

After the clip the first three people were brought up to find out if they were in the bottom 3. Lauren , Casey and Stefano were the first three to come up. Stefano was the one who was sent to the bottom 3.

Constantine Moroulis Returns

Constantine Moroulis the 6th place finisher from season 4 who has had some mild success since his season returned to perform a rocked out version of Unchained Melody. He showed he still has the chops, and he has obviously matured since season 4. He still have lots of wavy long hair and I think he is still kind of sexy.

Gwen Stafani Dresses the Ladies

After Constantine performed they showed a clip where Gwen Stafani brought some outfits that she thought would look good on Pia, Haley, and Lauren. They each tried on a couple of outfits and then chose what they would wear on the performance show.

Second in the Bottom 3

After the Gwen Stefani clip Ryan pulled up Paul, Pia, and Scotty. While nobody was surprised that Scotty got sent back to safety many people were shocked that Pia was the one sent to the bottom 3.

TMZ Clip

They showed a clip where the contestants went to the set of TMZ where the TMZ journalists or what ever you call them asked them questions and razzed some of them a little bit. It was kind of funny and James even managed to zing one of them right back.

Third Person in the Bottom 3

It was then time to send the final person to the bottom 3. Ryan pulled up Jacob, Haley, and James. The audience and judges were shocked as it was Jacob who was sent to the bottom 3.

Iggy Pop Performs

Before the final person was placed in the bottom 3 Iggy Pop performed. Iggy Pop was a popular rocker back in the 60’s and 70’s and for a guy in his early 60’s he is still in great shape. He performed shirtless just to prove that. He also had quite a bit of vigor in his performance and he did plenty of grinding. He sang, “Wild One.” he obviously swore or said some things he shouldn’t have because they dropped the sound on him and totally went of air for about 2 seconds at one point. Hello it’s a family show!!!!

Final Elimination

Finally it was time to find out who would be leaving the show. Jacob, Pia, and Stefano stood there awaiting their fate as Ryan sent Jacob back to safety. Pia and Stefano stood there on stage and Stefano had a look on his face that said he was prepared to hear his name and be told he was ready to go home. He as well as everyone was shocked when Ryan said that it was Pia who would be going home.

The audience was booing like made, Steven’s face showed obvious shock, Maria started to cry and Randy mouthed the words “What the f*c*.” The judges then each expressed how they were shocked and that this was a bad decision that should not have happened and that Pia was one of the best singers in the competition.

My Final Thoughts

What happened? Why did the beautiful Pia end up going home? The only thing I can think of is that while she sings amazingly and is obviously very pretty she didn’t command the stage and perform as much as some others do. I am still really surprised that she went home so soon. She is a great singer and I know we have not really even seen all of what she can do with her voice. I thought she would end up in the top 3 or 4 so I was very surprised by this elimination.

I was also shocked by Jacob being in the bottom 3. His was one of the best performances in the night. I think he may have suffered because of something he said in the clip before he performed. He also had that horrible first position.

I guess we need to listen to what Ryan says and actually vote if we want our favorites to be safe.