American Idol Season 10 April 6th Performance Show Recap

This weeks (April 6, 2011) American Idol theme is Rock and Roll. The show started out with a clip of Steven Tyler at the Rock and Roll hall of fame. He was showing some old costumes from some or Rock and Rolls greatest singers and even kissed a bust of himself.

Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas helped to mentor the Idols this week.

The Performances

The first person to perform was Jacob Lusk. Jacob sang, “Man in the Mirror.” I have nothing bad to say about this performance. I have even noticed that Jacob is controlling his facial expressions a lot better and even slid in some nice smooth smiling. A perfect performance in my opinion, powerful when it needed to be and subtle when it needed to be. Really, really good. The judges also thought it was beautiful.

The second person to perform was Haley Rienhert who sang, “Peace of my Heart.” All season long the judges have compared Haley to Janis Joplin so she decided to give them some tonight. Haley has the rough powerful thing about her voice and for the most part she did really well. There were times she could have pulled back on the roughness a little bit, but over all a decent, powerful and energetic performance. My husband thought she screamed too much, I think the song called for it a bit, but I have to agree it was just a tad bit on the rough side at certain parts. The judges loved it and feel Haley is certainly a contender.

The third person to perform was Casey Abrams. Casey sang, “Have You Even Seen the Rain.” To pen the phrase the judges have been using this year this song was, “Right in His Lane.” He came out playing the upright base and he sang this song beautifully. Casey just has this really nice pretty voice that is perfect for singing 70’s soft rock type songs. He has that habit of adding his little growl in to every song he sings, but I kind of like it, it makes me giggle. I thought this was a nice pretty performance. The judges loved it and Randy says he makes the upright base seem cool.

The fourth person to perform was Lauren Alaina who sang, “Natural Woman.” The performance was OK, but I think she made a mistake doing this song because Kelly Clarkson did it in season one and did it amazingly. It is always a mistake to do a song that former Idol has done and done really memorably. You will always end up getting compared to that person. If you are going to do it you had better knock it out of the park and hit a building across the parking lot. Lauren hit it hard enough for a double or maybe a triple, but did not hit it out of the park. She just did it a little too polite and no where near as good as Kelly. Still not terrible though. Randy was the only one to mention the comparison of past contestants but he was extremely careful and polite and didn’t say exactly what probably should have been said. You know Simon would have said it.

The fifth person to perform was James Durbin who sang, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” James really toned it down this week and actually sat down to sing. James certainly proved he can do more than scream. He sang really beautifully and threw in his signature high note at the end. It was perfectly timed and it was just a really lovely performance. My husband loved it so much he rewound the DVR 3 times and listened to it again. So I guess that is a pretty compliment to the performance. A very nice job by James. The judges loved it and were impressed.

The sixth person to perform was Scotty McCreery who wisely chose and Elvis Presley song and sang, “That’s Alright Mama.” Scotty stepped out of the country genre this week an sung a little classic rock. This of course was probably not his most solid performance as he is obviously an amazing country singer, but I think he rocked it out. He is kind of funny to watch on stage he has some funny mannerisms, but I love to watch him and I love to listen to him. Apparently so do younger girls because a handful of young ladies rushed the stage to hug Scotty after he finished singing. Good job Scotty. The judges said that he proved he was not a one trick pony.

The seventh person to perform was Pia Toscano who sang, “River Deep Mountain High” Pia proved that she has the chops to sing an up tempo song and I believe she has a severe diva potential if she decides to let that side of her out. I hope she does show this side of herself more often because I don’t think we have seen all of the potential that she has. My husband thought she sang really well, but that her performance was kind of boring until she seductively touched the judges table singing to Steven and Randy. Every review I have read by men has essentially said the same thing as my husband. To you guys I just have to say you are being unfair, just because she is beautiful does not mean that she has to be seductive every time she sings. She is a singer not a stripper. I think most women would think her performance was fine. Sure she could work the stage a little more, but more props need to be given to her amazing vocals. Steven called her a murderer saying that she killed he song.

The eighth person to sing was Stephano Langone who sang, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” I am a big Stephano fan, I think he has a beautiful voice but when it comes to memorable songs of the night he might get lost in the shuffle. For some reason he decided to sing the beginning of the song in kind of a high falsetto. I think that was a bad choice I know it would have sounded much more beautiful in his natural voice in his natural range. Fortunately he soon was back in his own natural range and the rest of the song was beautiful. I loved hearing his lovely voice and although he still isn’t working the audience as he should I kind of like the way he gets so in to the songs he is singing. He could be hurt though by the fact that there were so many amazing performances tonight. Randy and JaLo disagreed on the falsetto, she liked it he thought it was a little jerky. Thanks Randy. Steven loved his range.

The final person to perform was Paul McDonald who sang, “Folsom Prison Blues.” My husband has never liked Paul until last night. He actually rewound the DVR and watched him again. I knew Paul would get him eventually. I have to agree, I think this was my favorite Paul performance. He has been a little week a couple times in the past, but he actually pulled away from his quiet raspy voice a little bit this week and showed he has a nice bluesy side about him. He performed well and gave a good fun entertaining performance. I really enjoyed it. Randy loved it, and Steven said he was perfectly imperfect, and Ms. Lopez agreed.


The truth is I don’t know is going to go home tonight. I do know that who ever does go home will not be going home because they were not good as this was a really good show and with exception of Lauren every body really brought their A game and I can’t even say that Lauren did a bad job because she didn’t I just think she lacked a little energy and passion and still would probably give her a B+. This will probably be the hardest week yet because who ever ends up going home will be missed.

come back tomorrow for the results show recap. I apologize for not posting a results show recap last week but I have been dealing with some health issues and had to go and have some tests done, by the time I got home it was kind of late. All is well though all the tests came back with good results. I look forward to posting the recap of tonight’s show.