American Idol Season 10 April 21st Results Show Recap

Last night’s American Idol turned the remaining 7 contestants in to only 6 but who was it that got eliminated last night? First off lets find out how the rest of the show went.

The show started out with a performance from Haley, Lauren, Stafano, and Jacob. Followed by a performance from Scotty, Casey, and James. Both performances were good and the contestants voices seemed well paired with who they were singing with.

Then it was time for some results. it was revealed pretty quickly that Casey Abrams was safe. Lauren and Scotty also found out fairly quickly that they too were safe as was James. This meant that it was Stafano, Haley, and Jacob that were chosen for the bottom three. If you read my recap from the performance show you know I disagree with this bottom 3 as I believe Haley out sang almost everyone except James the night before. Stafano also had a great performance, but since he has consistently been in the bottom three so I was not really surprised. Jacob did not connect with the emotional song that he sang although I know he did it the way he did in order to get through it without breaking down, but I did kind of expect him to end up in the bottom 3.

Who Performed

In between the bottom 3 announcements there were two performances one was from David Cook who one 3 seasons ago He has a new CD called, “The Loud Morning” coming out on June 28th of this year so of course he sang a song from that CD.

Katy Perry also performed “ET” and Kanye West appeared with her doing a little bit of a rapping.

There was also a clip of the Idol hopefuls kicking back and just having some fun bowling and doing other fun things. This is a very likable bunch they all have these great personalities are quite funny when they talk and interact with the camera. They also seem to really enjoy teasing and having fun with each other.

The Final Elimination

Then it was time for the final elimination. Haley was sent back to the couch almost as soon as she was told she was in the bottom 3. Then it was down to Jacob and Stefano. They of course wasted lots of times on the judges telling them we both great blah blah blah. Ryan then announced that it was Stafano Langone who would be going home.

Stefano took it really well. He was really graceful about it and said he was just so thankful to have been given the opportunity. I honestly think James took it worse than he did as the camera cut to James just covering his face after it was announced. I am sure it is difficult to see your fellow contestants leaving at this point. At this point of the competition they have living together and spending a lot of time together. They will of course be on tour together for a year so they will see each other again soon.

I really liked Stafano I will miss him. The competition is really going to heat up now as everyone that is left is really good and all pretty popular. Looking forward to next weeks performance show.