American Idol Season 10 April 20th Performance Show Recap

First of all let me apologize I realize I am very late today and most of you probably already know the scoop but I am committed to doing this weekly so even though I am late I am still going to do the recap. I have been dealing with some health issues and today I had a really good day so I went out and enjoyed me day today. I work hard after all and deserved a little mental health day. I highly recommend that everyone do this for themselves every so often.

On to the April 20th Season 10 Performances

Last night’s theme was not a terribly exciting or challenging one. The theme was songs that were written between 2009 and now. So the contestants had a wide range of songs to choose from.

Before the current contestants got on the stage to compete there was a performance from all of the Idol hopefuls that have been let go this year. Which were Karen, Pia, Thia, Paul, Ashton, and Naima. It was nice to see them all back again. I hope they do this more this season.

Then it was time for the current contestants to perform.

Scotty McCreery was the first to hit the stage. He sang, “Swingin” by LeeAnn Rimes. The performance was not as strong as his performances to date, but it was kind of cute, he had some weak moments and he had some really good moments. I was a bit worried about him with this one being that he has such a deep voice and this is a song originally written for a female but he worked it out I think. Not his best but not bad at all. The judges were not bouncing out of their seats they thought it was OK.

the second one to perform was James Durbin who sang, “Uprise” by Muse. Honestly I have never heard the song before so I can’t compare it to the original but what I heard I thought was pretty amazing. He had strong regular vocals and sang with his amazing high pitch really well. It was a very dramatic performance and he kind of reminded me of Adam Lambert the way he was dressed and the way he performed. I thought it was brilliant. Steven Taylor told him to stay out of his wardrobe closet which was kind of funny. Of course you would have to see what he was wearing to get it. All the judges thought it was brilliant.

Haley Rienhart was the third person to sing. She sang, “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. This was easily my second favorite performance of the night. I don’t think Haley growled even once, well maybe just a touch but she gave a good solid vocal and showed lots of range. All I can say is awesome job Haley, really awesome job! The judges pretty much felt the same.

The fourth performer was Jacob Lusk who sang, “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandrose. Jacob had me crying just in the little video they do before the performance. He also almost lost it and cried during the performance but he straightened himself out and go the job done. Vocally it was very good but after he almost started to cry it seemed like he kind of detached himself from the song and just sang. This might have been necessary for him to get through the song with out losing it, but he kind of lost the connection with it. So we didn’t feel it as much as we could or should have. I can’t fault Jacob on this though because if my father was gone and I sang this song I don’t think I could it without crying my eyes out. So I give him props for getting through it. Steven thought it was beautiful, Randy said it didn’t make him jump up and down and Jennifer said pretty much what I said.

The fifth person to perform was Casey Abrams who sang, “Hard to Breath” by Maroon 5. I think this was a good job for Casey. Very in his range it came easily for him to sing and therefore he was able to really get in tot he performance. There were no tricks or defining moments or anything like that, but it was a good solid entertaining performance. Enjoyable. Casey always has to be silly though and he got up and sang right in Jennifer Lopez’s face. He obviously was too deeply in to her personal space and she was obviously a bit uncomfortable with it, (I hope he brushed his teeth), but then he gives her a big kiss on the cheek at the end of the song which she seemed to love. It was funny and cute. I can’t help but like Casey he is crazy and fun. The judges had nothing bad to say only praise, Randy advised him to keep challenging himself.

The sixth person to perform was Stefano Langone who sang, “Closer” by Ne-Yo. The mentor told Stefano to really go out there and use his sex appeal. He said Stefano is a good looking guy and he should be using that to his advantage a little more. So Stefano went out there and did the sexy thing. He played to the audience more than he ever has. I don’t know if it was a brilliant performance. It was vocally good and it was kind of sexy but not amazing. I think he might appeal to that target of young female fan voters. The judges thought it was good and liked how he moved about.

The final person to perform was Lauren Alaina who sang, “Born to Fly” by Sarah Evans. I like Lauren I really do. I love her accent but last week I thought she was not as powerful as she could have been and I felt the same this week. Apparently I am the only one feeling this way except my husband who feels the same way. I thought she had some really weak moments in the song. She of course also had some good moments but if it were up to me she would be in the bottom this week compared to how much effort the other contestants put in except for Jacob but I understand why he detached a bit. Lauren seems to have a huge fan base however, and so far seems pretty untouchable although I personally don’t think she has been up to par the last couple of weeks. I don’t mean to dish on her. I really do like her, and I don’t want to see her or anyone else go home at this point but someone has to. I still doubt it will be her though. The judges were all complimentary but Randy told her to challenge herself.

My Thoughts

It is hard to speculate on who will end up in the bottom three. Based on tonight’s performances it should be Scotty, Lauren, and Jacob, but we all know that is not how it is going to be. Scotty’s track record is just too good and he is just too amazing to go home yet. Stefano consistently ends up in the bottom 3 but my husband and I have started calling him the hammer because he seems to take out who ever he is standing next to at the end, but if history is any indication he could be in real trouble tonight. I also think Jacob could be the one in trouble tonight as well even though he has an amazing voice but he also has been in the bottom three more than his fair share and he kind of failed to connect last night.

No matter who goes I will be sad. I like them all, I don’t want to see any of them go.