American Idol Season 10 April 13th Performance Show Recap

Last night’s (April 13th) theme on American Idol was “Movie Night,” which meant that the Idol hopefuls would have to sing songs from movies.

Let’s just jump right in with the performances.

The Performances

The first one to perform was Paul McDonald who sang, “Old Time Rock and Roll” from “Risky Business.” Poor Paul was put in the first position which is sometimes a bad thing for the contestant placed there because people tend to forget the performance unless it is amazing. Paul singing, “Old Time Rock and Roll” was not amazing. I think it was kind of an odd song choice for him as the power that the song has does not go along well with Paul’s softer voice. It was not a terrible performance, but I think it just boiled down to bad song choice. The judges were too kind.

The Second person to sing was Lauren Alaina who sang, “The Climb” from “The Hannah Montanna Movie. ” When Lauren first started out I really liked it. She sounded good strong and sweet. I couldn’t wait for her to hit the chorus and really bring some power in to it. Instead she stylized it, changing up some notes in weird places instead doing the power notes I am sorry but this disappointed me. I wanted this to be sung loud and proud full and strong I didn’t want to hear special little notes thrown in here and there but maybe that’s just me. The judges were amazed by this performance I thought it had its moments but I am not as impressed as they were.

The person in the number 3 position was Stefano Langone who sang, “End of the Road” from the movie Boomerang. Stefano was feeling kind of down and out but the mentors convinced him that he was still in this competition. Stefano hit a big power note which is something I have waiting to see from him all season. Stefano sang his little heart out. He put everything in to this performance and it really showed, he did an excellent job. Will it save him this week I don’t know, but I think he did great. Randy said Stefano is in it to win it.

The fourth person to perform was Scotty McCreery. Scotty sang, “Cross My Heart” from the movie “Pure Country.” This is one of my favorite country songs. In fact it is mine and my husband’s song. Scotty was very good as usual. What bothered me about this performance were the backup singers. They were just too loud in some instances. This song has moments of very gentle notes and Scotty did what he was supposed to do but the backup singers drowned out his beautiful notes. Towards the end he seemed to lose it a tiny bit as it seemed he was singing harder then he should have in order to be heard over them. Still a pretty good performance though. I think it would have been prettier if it would have just been Scotty singing with no back up. The judges liked it.

Number 5 up on stage was Casey Abrams who sang, “Nature Boy.” Apparently this song was in more than one movie although I have never heard it in my life. This was kind of a Jazz style song. In the rehearsal Casey was singing another song and he sounded beautiful. I couldn’t wait to hear it and then he changed his mind and went against the mentors and chose this song. It was artistic and unusual and all but I think it was a big mistake. I think Casey forgot that those who vote most are teenage girls and that was not something I think that teenage girls would like. I barely liked it. I like Casey so much and I am so angry he did this because it might get him sent home. The judges totally disagreed with me however and gave Casey a standing ovation, saying they were glad he took the risk and did that song. I guess we shall see how the rest of America felt about it.

The 6th person to perform was Haley Reinhart who sang, “Call Me” from “American Gigilo.” Actually once again I disagree with what the judges said. It seems like they had to pick someone to pick on and I guess Haley was it. I thought she sang the song pretty well and pretty strong. She also worked the stage. I do have to say that she has a tendency to growl out notes sometimes which works at times but not always. She growled out a couple unnecessarily but overall the performance was not that bad. Mostly the judges said the song didn’t do anything for her.

The 7th person to perform was Jacob Lusk who sang, “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” from the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness.” The mentors yelled at him for saying what he did to America about looking at their selves in the mirror the week before which may be or may not be the reason he landed in the bottom 3 last week. As far as his performance last week it was amazing. This week was no different. Bridge Over Troubled Waters was a really good song choice for him because it can be pop but it also can be gospel like and Jacob was born to sing gospel. Towards the end he hit this really high note, then went an octave higher and then when an octave even higher it was pretty amazing. The judges agreed.

The final person who performed was James Durbin. The final spot is the most coveted spot because that is the one most people will remember most. James really doesn’t need any extra help in that department as he is certainly one of the favorites and for good reason. James totally rocked the house last night as he did the first Heavy Metal song on the Idol stage. He came out with Ozzy Osborn’s guitar player who played the electronic guitar incredibly of course. He sang, “Heavy Metal” from the movie “Heavy Metal.” Durbin definitely proved he can command the stage and he can do metal no doubt about it. His was a brilliant and very entertaining performance. The guitar playing had a big part in making the performance more incredible, but it was all good.

My Thoughts

My thoughts on who should be in the bottom 3 in my opinion probably differ from many other people’s but I think we will find Haley there, Paul, and Casey. Stefano could have been in trouble but he doesn’t deserve to be there based on last night’s performance. When they get to this point though it starts to get narrowed down by who is more popular and has more fans. We shall see.

Come back tomorrow for a recap on tonight’s hopefully not shocking results show.