‘American Idol’ Results Show: Pia Toscano Gets Shocking Early Elimination at Top 9

In seasons past most eliminations made sense with front-runners or favorites when it got closer to the finale, but what occurred on “American Idol” Thursday night (April 7) made no sense whatsoever. It started out like any typical results show with the Top 9 performing a medley to some rock favorites like Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock n’ Roll”, “The Letter” by The Box Tops and “Sweet Home Alabama” from Lynyrd Skynyrd. For once the Ford music video was fun to watch. It was like watching a mini spy thriller. Russell Brand seems to only be funny in films. He isn’t at all funny on his own as he mentored them on stage presence. Then came the breakdown of the results.

Results in Groups of Threes

Ryan Seacrest brought them out in groups of threes, since there were nine finalists. In the beginning of the show the first group consisted of Casey, Stefano and Lauren. Stefano was in the bottom three as that was no surprise. Halfway through the show it was the second group that was completely bizarre. Paul, Scotty and Pia were brought out onstage.

One would easily assume Pia and Scotty were safe for another week and Paul would be in the bottom three again. Unfortunately it was Pia who was going to the stools. At this point I wasn’t too worried for her. Before the last music act was to perform they had the last group of James, Haley and Jacob. Once again not too surprising Jacob was in the bottom three as he was the first to perform on Wednesday night.

Constantine Maroulis’ “Unchained Melody”

He was certainly a rebellious theatrical rocker during season 4 when there had not been any rockers on the show previously. “American Idol” was still in its infancy back then (when they had successful winners and non-winners). Unfortunately I loathed Constantine’s version of a beautiful song. He absolutely ruined it. There is nothing more to say about it.

Iggy Pop Performs Shirtless on “Real Wild Child (Wild One)”

If I thought Constantine’s performance was dreadful I was beyond thrilled to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Iggy Pop, grace the Idol stage. It is about time to have a classic rocker who is considered the grandfather of punk rock music on this cheesefest of a show. Thankfully there was no auto-tuning, no ballistic hip hop dancing, no lip-synching from Iggy. He was true to himself by performing shirtless and prancing on the stage like he owned it. Whatever Iggy Pop’s reason to perform on the show was (Thank you Steven Tyler) I am glad he was there.

Final Shocking Results

Now the dreaded moment arrived, because I was getting a bad feeling at this point. Never had I dreaded an elimination like this one Thursday night. In the end it was Pia Toscano who was going home. I never saw this coming, never. I have no idea why she was sent home so early in the competition. It seems being beautiful, confident, uber-talented, coming from a major Northern urban city and not being a teenager went against her. One thing is certain we will be seeing her on the Great White Way of Broadway very soon. Like Constantine Maroulis she will also be nominated for a Tony Award too.


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