‘American Idol’ Results Show: Do You Love the Top 7 Finalists?

“American Idol” results are in and Paul McDonald is out. Even though McDonald is loved by fans across the country, last night was his time to leave the “Idol” stage.

As we begin our review of this week’s show, let’s start with favorite finalist start and work our way down to our least favorite. Is there such a thing this season? Fans are finding that each of the finalists are amazing. Plus, this is by far the best season of “Idol.” Is it because of Randy, Jennifer, and Stephen? Who knows, viewers realize that picking our favorites is getting harder by the week.

Lauren Alaina: “The Climb”

This girl can sing with the best of them. Better yet, she sang it better than Miley Cyrus. We felt like we were sitting in a concert for Lauren. Age doesn’t seem to be a factor in her ability to show American why she should make it she should make it to the top 3 finalist.

Scotty McCreery: “Cross My Heart

This boy is a star. The second he started singing, we knew, once again, this young fellow was created to sing country music. Week after week, he stays true to who he is: pure country. His performances are so good we could be sitting in his concert. He’s that good! Only Scotty could sing as well as George Strait.

James Durbin: “Heavy Metal”

Viewers listened to this heavy metal singer and became fans instantly of heavy metal. James is a star and has stuck to his guns singing what he loves best: heavy metal. James is another one of the finalists that is a star in the making. What is awesome about Durbin is that he really shows children to be yourself no matter what. Said to have Tourette Syndrome , we love him even more for facing his own personal struggles and show us once again why we love him! This guy is a role model waiting to happen!

Haley Reinhart: “Call Me

Although this wasn’t one of her best performances, Haley can sing. She made her way into the bottom three finalists, but somehow got saved. If you wonder why she got saved and not Paul, this girl is one of a kind. Sometimes, she reminds us of Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and even Janis Joplan. Thankfully, she’s safe for another week!

Paul McDonald: “Old Time Rock and Roll

Dressed in his flowery suit (We love his style), he sang great. Somehow, America tends to prefer him when he isn’t dancing across the stage. No matter, this guy has the pipes and will get a record deal. Of that, we are certain. Sadly, he was voted off of the Top 8 “Idol” finalist.

Stefano Lagone: “End Of The Road

The one thing about Stefano is that he can sing just about anything. He takes a song and just turns it into a Stefano fest. We love him but wonder if he is as much of a performer as the other finalists. He can sing, we aren’t questioning that. But there are other finalists who step on stage and we feel like we are sitting in their concert. With Stefano, he has had some hit and misses.

Casey Abrams: “Nature Boy

Abrams got a standing ovation from the judges. He appears to be going for a Michael Buble jazzy performance, but he has his own style that makes him a one of a kind. He is loved by fans for his voice, his stellar performances, and ability to shine on stage. This guy is an artist waiting for a grand debut!

Jacob Lusk: “Bridge Over Troubled Water

Lusk is pure Gospel, through and through. He opens his mouth to sing, and we find ourselves on a church pew listening to a great performance. He reminds of us of BeBe Winans who has the pipes to sing anything. We love that Lusk sticks to what he knows and is true to his morals. He is another role model in the making.

“Idol” Top 7 are Haley, Stefano, Casey, Lauren, Jacob, James, and Scotty!