American Idol Recap of Performances: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Week

With Wednesday night’s American Idol theme, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it is shocking that we didn’t see more rock and roll performances. But, there is no denying that all of the contestants this year are definitely bringing their “A” game to the stage each week. Last night, there was no one that bombed or bored the audience to tears. Here is a look at each contestant’s performance:

Scotty McCreery: His rendition of Elvis’s “That’s All Right, Mama,” was very impressing. He took that stage by storm, had fun and pulled off an awesome performance. It seemed that he really let loose last night and owned that stage. But, it is Scotty, so are we really surprised? With performances like that, he is well on his way to bringing home the American Idol win.

Paul McDonald: Who would have thought we would see someone other than Scotty doing Johnny Cash? In Paul’s rendition of “Folsom City Blues,” he played the guitar and put his special character into the song. It was one of the best of the night, an awesome finale performance to the show. Let’s hope that last night’s performance will keep him out of the bottom three!

Jacob Lusk: Performing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” he seemed to step out of his gospel comfort zone, but did not bring it home with this song. While he has a strong voice, there were times when he was off pitch. Add the pitch problems to his dancing, which was rather odd, his performance was weaker than what he has delivered in prior weeks. But, the most disturbing thing was his comment backstage after performing. He basically stated that if America voted and he landed in the bottom three, that it was America that was wrong and no reflection of his singing.

Casey Abrams: One of the leading favorites in the American Idol competition, he did a Creedence Clearwater Revival song. America seems to like that voice that comes out of him, an unlikely package. After the judges used their ONLY save of the season on Casey, he seems to have gotten too comfortable on the stage, even when his singing lacks its best. Last night’s performance was mediocre, at best.

James Durbin: The rocker of the bunch shocked us choosing to sing a Beatles song, rather than a harder rock song. Perhaps something from Aerosmith would have been more expected. While that could have been an awesome choice for him, showing America that he can do more than rock and roll, but his performance seemed lacking. He didn’t seem to be singing in tune, but his high notes did wake us in those moments of the song. It would not be shocking to see him sitting in the bottom three tonight.

Stefano Langone: His performance of Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman,” was definitely the worst performance of the night. He started the song way too high, seeming to get his rhythm by the middle of the song. It still fell short and was the worst of the night. It is fair to say that he has had a run of luck making it to the top nine.

Pia Toscano: Her rendition of Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” was not arranged the best. But, of course her singing talent is not a force to be reckoned with. She has got a good, strong voice on her. It would be nice to see her loosen up a little and have some fun on the stage. She is another front contender in American Idol this year.

Haley Reinhart: Her choice of songs was a safe one, since Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler have been telling her all season that she sounded like Janis Joplin. It definitely was no surprise to see her performing “Piece of My Heart.” Although at times she seemed to be off beat, last night’s performance was another one like last week’s, where we saw her true vocal talent, which should keep her out of the bottom three.

Lauren Alaina: She stepped out of her country roots, performing “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” She stepped on stage with a Gwen Stefani look, performed amazing, showcasing her ability to sing slower songs.