American Idol Prediction: James Durbin Will Win

There is one reason to watch American Idol this season. His name is James Durbin. He is simply the best, most entertaining contestant on the show. He should win American Idol. But will he? That will be up to the voting fans. There are many reasons why Durbin is the contestant to beat this year.

James Durbin can flat out sing. Durbin has an amazing singing voice. The judges have credited this to Durbin’s perfect pitch. He rarely goes off key. His performance of Paul McCartney’s Maybe I’m Amazed was effortless. But Durbin can bring the energy too. He gave a powerful rock performance with Judas Priest’s You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. Durbin hits high like no other contestant and he does it with ease. He has power, control and melody.

People love to cheer for the underdog. That’s what Durbin is. In his audition interview, he revealed some of the difficulties in his life. At the time of the audition, he was unemployed. Durbin mentioned that he lived in a low rent apartment with his fiancée Heidi. They have a young son named Hunter. They struggle to make ends meet, sometimes not even able to afford diapers. Durbin also revealed that has Tourette Syndrome, a disease of the nervous system that causes a person to make repeated and uncontrollable movements and sounds. With all of this stacked against him, it is easy to cheer for Durbin.

He leaves it all on the stage. Durbin doesn’t just sing. He performs and he doesn’t hold back. His performances on stage have been electrifying. His rendition of Sammy Haggar’s Heavy Metal nearly brought the house down. Nobody else on the show has the stage presence that Durbin has. He sings with the poise and confidence of a rock and roll veteran. People would pay to see him perform.

He’s got the look. From day one, Durbin knew who he was as a singer. He hasn’t changed his style or persona. This is who James Durbin is and people are noticing. He looks, dresses and acts like he could be the front man of Steven Tyler’s band Aerosmith. When you watch him sing, you believe it. This guy is for real.

People like him. Durbin is very likeable. In all his interviews, he comes off as modest and grounded. He has a likeable personality. He’s going through competition cautiously optimistic. He’s not getting carried away with himself or the competition.

James Durbin is the contestant to watch this year on American Idol. He’s doing all the things right. He is the only reason to tune in each week. I eagerly anticipate his performances on American Idol. Watch American Idol this week and see a star in the making.

Edwin Torres was a contestant on the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game show in 2000. He enjoys watching reality TV. His favorite shows are American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, The Bachelor and The Apprentice. His love for reality TV started back in 1980 with the Saturday Night Live television program.

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