“American Idol” Names Season 10 Top 5: But Who Can Make the Top 3 – Season 10

Last week “American Idol” fans sent home Casey Abrams home. Many had pegged the jazzy crooner to win season 10, but now all bets are off. Casey deserves a recording contract, especially if Pia Toscano scored one. Her tired funeral songs subjected fans to send her home, and rightly so. Casey is without a doubt a natural performer. He plays many instruments (like a real artist does) and has a strong and fun personality, that is vital to the music industry. And is he lays off the jazz- people will buy his albums. Should be get a recording contract that is.

Regardless of the eliminations the top 13 of Season 10 have all secured a spot on the “American Idol” summer tour. That includes castaways like Ashton Jones, Casey Abrams, Karen Rodriguez, Paul McDonald, Naima Adedapo, Pia Toscano, Stefano Langone, and Thia Megia. Of course the top 5 complete the summer tour with the remaining 5 spots. I wouldn’t mind seeing the summer tour in Dallas, Texas.

Those still in the running to win include Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, James Durbin, Haley Reinhart, and Jacob Lusk. No one could’ve predicted Casey being sent home which is a reminder that no one is safe. Especially those who were saved by the wildcard or judges’ save. So who can actually win? Any of them could, perhaps, but it’s easier to predict who will go home rather than who will win.

Scotty McCreery – The 17-year-old country crooner has charmed the ladies week after week with his strong man voice but the truth is, aside from Lauren he’s the youngest of the group. His advantages are he knows he wants the country lane, with his voice he can sing anything and make it sound good, and his deep voice continues to charm and amaze. What could be his down fall? His performances seem to be lacking passion which makes his age stand out more than it should. Scotty needs to pick the right song, even when subjected to bad “Idol” themes. That is the hardest part. It’s down to the wire now and he needs to bring the passion and no more half way performances. The voice won’t get him by, as good as it is, if he picks one more mediocre song or has one more dull performance. PS- No more sitting down during performances Scotty. Time to keep the performances as entertaining as James Durbin does.

Lauren Alaina – The 16-year-old sweetheart hails from Rossville, Georgia. People like to see good people win, it’s a fact. Lauren’s problem seems to be that even though she sings very well she is overcome by nerves and lack of belief that she can do it. This is where her age factors in and could easily be her down fall. It doesn’t matter who believes in you- if you don’t believe in yourself. She needs to stop holding back on stage and give it all she has, every single time, or else she will be sent home. Get your nerves is check Lauren, many of us don’t want you to go home. Sometimes the good girl finishes last. Don’t forget that, girl.

James Durbin – Lately, it has been this 22-year-olds job to set the stage on fire, when others are too scared to go all the way. He isn’t terrified of performing and it shows on stage. He has remarkable stage presence, plays the guitar (like a well rounded artist should), consistency keeps him rocking the stage, and each performance he gives all he has to give. Sometimes it feels like he’s the only one who performs each time like it is the last time. That’s why fans love him. He doesn’t let you down. Durbin hails from Santa Cruz, California. He hasn’t really had a bad week, that could mean he still has a bad week to go, and if he does it won’t go well at this point in the competition.

Haley Reinhart – She’s 20-years-old and resides in Wheeling, Illinois. Her voice is deep and edgy and when she’s not growling, she’s pretty good. She seems to be trying to get the likable votes because one week it is bound to boil down to who goes home: Haley or Lauren? And Lauren is going to be hard to beat in that aspect. Sure, this is a singing competition but it’s important for people to like and relate to the artist. Otherwise they won’t vote. And when they don’t – fans send them home. (Jacob Lusk sang for his late father and stayed, Casey played an old jazz song with his bass guitar and went home- fans related to Jacob at that moment). They can all sing, but Jacob and Haley could easily be the next to go home.

Jacob Lusk
– The 23-year-old from Compton, California was smart enough to use the sympathy vote a week ago. I certainly believe that is the only reason he’s still in the competition. That’s not to say he can’t sing- he can- we know this. But his gospel themes are not giving his as good a chance as some of the others choices in musical lanes. His voice is one-of-a-kind and that’s a good thing. But can he win this? No, I don’t think he can.

I don’t see Haley Reinhart or Jacob Lusk winning this season, but that doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t. It depends the upcoming week of performances. They will have to try harder than the other three to stay in this.

I predict Scotty, Lauren, and James as the top 3. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!