“American Idol” Judges Save Casey Abrams

Contestants from “American Idol” grooved out to the oldies of Motown last week and pretty much all of them did a great job, however several stood out from the pack.

Some of my favorite performances last night were James Durbin’s rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City”, it was on the mark for me and amazingly was much better than I think the judges expected. J Lo said it was “an incredible thing to watch” and she said “you leave me speechless”. Of course, James Durbin is one of my picks for the finalie, especially since Steven Tyler said it would be a pleasure to join him on stage.

Another one of my favorites is Casey Abrams who opened the show last night with “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”, which featured Casey’s growling sex appeal vocals and showed his ability to not only perform but master the stage and audience.

I’m certain that Marvin Gaye would be proud of Jacob Lusk’s performance last night when he did his rendition of “You’re All I Need to Get By”. Not only did Steven Tyler jump out of his seat to run and give Jacob a hug, but he dubbed him “Baby Luther” as in Luther Vandross. I’m certain every R&B label was watching thinking that it could easily be heard on the radio today.

The little 16 year old Thia Megia did Martha and the Vandellas “Heat Wave”, which in my eyes was just okay. She had some good parts, however in the middle the song seemed to get away from her and it sounded as though she lost her place for a minute.

J Lo said “It was great to see her let go like that, but now that we know she can she should they wanted to see more of it.”

Stefano Langone took on Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” but I’m sure everyone noticed he did close his eyes a few times and lost the chance to connect with the audience as much as the judges would have liked. Pia Toscano’s did her rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “All in Love is Fair” which was another tear jerk ballad. The judges however called her out on it saying that she needs to start moving about the stage and connecting with the audience. Everyone knows this girl has the wow factor with her voice but she has to be able to perform to the audience as well and stop putting us to sleep with ballads.

The Thursday night elimination is a integral part of the competition because the ones that make it through will qualify for the “American Idol” concert tour.

All in all, I think Stefano and Thia were probably the worst of the night and the most in jeopardy of going home. It wasn’t that they weren’t good, just not good enough to keep going in the competition. There were a lot of stars in the audience last night including Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler’s daughter.

Update after elimination night, wow what a difference a day makes. Abrams almost went home, however I think everyone knew the judges were going to leap in a use their one save of the season on him. He is not only a great musician but an exceptional performer and singer. Look out everyone this week will be difficult to take if any of this fan’s favorites are in the bottom two.

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