American Idol Finale: Comparing Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina

On Thursday, May 19, 2011, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina advanced to the American Idol finale. The two-night season finale will be Tue 5/24 and Wed 5/25 on FOX. Both contestants are talented singers. But who will be crowned American Idol next week? Let’s compare the two to find out.

A lot in common

McCreery and Alaina have a lot in common. They are both young. Alaina is just 16 years old. McCreery is 17 years of age. Both of them grew up in the south. Alaina’s hometown is Rossville, GA. McCreery hails from Garner, NC. They primarily sing country music. Alaina is influenced by country superstar Carrie Underwood. Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are among McCreery’s influences. Both of them even share the same favorite quote. It’s interesting to see so many similarities between the two of them. It’s no wonder they are both in the American Idol finale. But they also have their own unique qualities.

Scotty “The Body”

Throughout this season, McCreery has been known for his signature deep voice. He has never hidden the fact that he is a country singer. We first heard his deep voice during his audition in Milwaukee. The judges were surprised to hear a smooth, deep voice coming from the young teenager. He was likable too. American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was a fan right from the start. In the audition, she smiled at McCreery saying “I hope you can sing.” McCreery has a huge following on his Facebook page. As of this writing, he had 137,418 fans. He currently has 155,460 followers on Twitter. McCreery has never appeared in the bottom of any American Idol results show.

Georgia peach Lauren

Alaina is innocent, likable and sweet as a Georgia peach. Even at her young age, Alaina sings with poise and professionalism. But she is modest and grounded. Each time she moved on in the competition, Alaina was overwhelmed with emotion. She had one of the more memorable auditions of the year. After her audition song, she orchestrated a duet with American Idol judge Stephen Tyler. Alaina is a more versatile singer than McCreery. She can sing both pop and country music comfortably. Alaina’s Facebook page had just 59,829 fans at the time of this writing, less than half of McCreery’s fan base. But that might be a result of her youthful fans; you must be 13 years of age or older to have an account. Alaina currently has 119,672 Twitter followers. Those numbers are much closer to McCreery’s. Twitter has no age restriction. In the results shows, Alaina has only appeared in the bottom one time.

Who will win?

It’s hard to predict who will win. They both share a similar fan base. The finale will be a big factor in determining the winner. Can McCreery can deliver another great performance or will the appeal of his deep voice lose some luster? Will Alaina play it safe or will she blow us away with the killer song that we’ve all been waiting for? Tune in on Tuesday night to find out. It will be a great finale.

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