American Idol Final Performance Night-Lauren Alaina Vs. Scotty McCreery

On May 24, 2011, American Idol aired it’s last performance show with the final two competitors, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, battling to win the American Idol tenth season. Haley Reinhart was voted off by America the previous week. Lauren Alaina, age sixteen, and Scotty McCreery, age seventeen, are the youngest American Idol contestants voted into a finale. Lauren and Scotty also share another similarity, both have been strong country singers on American Idol. Scotty McCreery’s voice has deep bass tones, and has been compared to Garth Brooks or Josh Turner. Lauren Alaina’s sweet country sound can be compared to Carrie Underwood.

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery each sang three songs tonight at the Nokia theatre in an one hour show with seven thousand fans. Ryan Seacrest, American Idol host announced one song would be their personal favorite, another a producer song selection, and the third song selected by Carrie Underwood and George Strait. Carrie chose Lauren’s song and George selected Scotty’s song.

The three American Idol judges, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson didn’t offer major critiques tonight, just commentary, leaving America to listen and select their favorite to win American Idol.

The American Idol contestants started their performance night with Scotty McCreery singing his favorite song of the season, “Gone,” by Montgomery Gentry, followed by Lauren Alaina who sang her favorite, “Flat On The Floor,” by Carrie Underwood.

Scotty McCreery took the stage for the second round and sang, “Check Yes Or No, ” personally selected by George Strait. Lauren Alaina sang, “Maybe It Was Memphis,” chosen by Carrie Underwood.

Randy Jackson believed Scotty McCreery had the slight edge round one but round two went to Lauren Alaina. Jennifer Lopez agreed with Randy Jackson. Steven Tyler said Lauren Alaina won both rounds only because she was prettier than Scotty McCreery. All judges believed it was an extremely close call.

“Positive,” a song written for American Idol by Coca Cola and the American Idol fans was performed on stage by Taio Cruz.

Scotty McCreery took the stage to sing, “Love You This Big.” This song is the producer’s selection for Scotty to sing if he becomes the next American Idol tomorrow night. As Scotty sang, video clips of his time on American Idol played. Randy Jackson said Jimmy Lovine, the American Idol vocal coach, was right about the song selection and it was a brilliant vocal. Jennifer Lopez said Scotty was a great story teller. Steven Tyler said Scotty took chances and nailed it again, referring to Scotty expanding his vocal range.

Lauren Alaina sang her producer’s choice, “Like My Mother Does,” a salute to mothers. Randy Jackson said it was amazing and Lauren had arrived. Jennifer Lopez said Lauren might have won with this song. Steven Tyler said Lauren Alaina is in his eyes, his American Idol. Lauren performed well even with vocal difficulties before the show.

Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler believed round three went to Lauren Alaina. Jennifer Lopez said it was too tight to call.

David Cook, the season seven American Idol, ended tonight’s show performing his hit, “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

Tomorrow night’s American Idol result finale will crown a country singer, Scotty McCreery or Lauren Alaina, as season ten’s American Idol. Who do you think will be the next American Idol?

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