“American Idol” Countdown

How cheap is “American Idol”, no really, how cheap?
Contestants of “American Idol” got flooded in at their so called Hollywood mansion because of rainy weather and had to to seek temporary refuge at a local hotel. Waterfalls from all over the roof invaded their abode adding a touch of drama and the question, how cheap is “American Idol”?!

This week contestants of “American Idol” aired on Fox TV channel, got to have a fun, individual photo shoot to prepare them for what was yet to come…… reminiscing the beautiful eras Sir Elton John helped shape for his fans through eccentric sounds woven into the fabric of his music.
And than of course, two eliminations to follow, creating a not so friendly aura that loomed the stage.

Scotty, a true country boy and often refereed to as a one trick pony, was the first to debut on stage, singing to his grandma who sat in the audience with much pride. His mature vocals wowed the audience with quite the performance, way to go Scotty!

Naima, singing “I’m Still Standing” with a reggae swag was quite the favorite of the night, with judge Steven making a comment only he could comprehend when he said to Naima at the end of her solo performance,
“Boom shaka laka laka laka baby!”.

Paul, dressed in a very floral shirt, sang “Rocket man”. Somehow his performance didn’t quite do it for me, a bit disappointing actually coming from someone with a smile that radiates the whole stage every time. His pitchy notes drew Steven once again to up his performance when he said to Paul, “Have you been watering down that shirt, because it’s got many more flowers now? “

Pia sang one of my all time favorites, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”. Her photo shoot had done her great justice, the dress fitting her like a glove. Her voice radiated the stage, she gave a great performance.

Stefano did not impress me much, probably going down with his bland performance of the night.

Lauren went for the best billboard song in History, Elton’s, “Candle In The Wind” . I dare say she sang it well and with plenty of emotion. Once again, judge Steven had a funny remark for Lauren when he said, ” I loved you the first time you set your eyes on me!”

James took the audience by storm when he brought in the rocker attitude to his performance. It was light, friendly and hip…….. vocal wise, maybe not the best, sorry James.

Youngest contestant Thia enjoyed getting all dolled up for her photo shoot. She sang “Daniell” an ode to her brother who had moved out earlier. The performance started out poorly, followed by pitch issues and an overall safe style.

Casey got himself a hair and beard trim for his photo shoot and although it was not much of a trim, it helped his image some, hope it works in your favor man, hi five! Casey did however get his usual standing ovation at the end of his performance, so that was definitely in his favor.

Jacob with all his bling bling was more occupied with the ‘bling’ than the ‘wham-bam’ of a performance. But somehow he always seems to sway his audience with his vocals.

Haley brought the show to a close with the final performance of the evening. She paid homage to Sir Elton by singing “Benny and the Jets”

And who got eliminated today?

The evening kicked off with a duet by Lauren and Scotty singing “I Told You So”. With over 55 million votes that tallied in for today’s show, some sensitive vibes once again loomed over contestants and audience alike.

Naima and Jacob also did a duet, singing “Solid” which was fun and edgy. Sadly Naima was one of the bottom three.

Haley, Pia and Thia energized the audience by re enforcing their, “Teenage Dream”. At the end of their performance, Thia was the second nominee pick for the bottom three.

The guys, namely Casey, James, Paul and Stafano livened up the show with a trip down Memory lane singing “Band On The Run”. Oddly, Paul was voted into the bottom three list.

Jamie Fox did his stint “I Want To Party”. While there was a lot of entertainment dancing on the stage, the actual song was quite the let down.

So which two contestants got the boot this week? Naima and Thia packed their bags as they head home today.
All the best girls and thank you for your vocal contributions to the show, we enjoyed it very much!

Source: Fox TV Reality Show “American Idol” aired March 30th and 31st, 2011