American Idol Controversy Coming?

An “American Idol” controversy? Say it ain’t so! “American Idol” has always been a subject of water cooler talk. In fact, the show is one of the hottest topics in the media, blogs and entertainment venues each year the show is broadcast on FOX. The controversy just seems to change from year to year on “Idol.”

So what is the “American Idol” controversy this year? Should the voting process be changed? Is Steven Tyler too loud and obnoxious with his off based comments? Did the show really lose its heart when Simon Cowell walked away? These are just some of the controversies the show has already seen this season. Stay tuned, there are certainly more to come. The hype surrounding this hit television show certainly isn’t always centered on the positive.

Let’s break down what has happened so far on “American Idol” in terms of controversial moments. The biggest shock of the season has to be that Pia Toscano was eliminated far before her time. That controversy perhaps could the grounds for a change in the entire voting process. “American Idol” officials or producers haven’t come forward to my knowledge to talk about the issue. The judges did chime in when Toscano was voted off and warned fans they need to vote for their favorites or else. This might not be a huge “controversy” when you look at the scheme of things-but it might be the biggest early vote off to ever take place on the show.

So what about the Steven Tyler controversy? There probably hasn’t been anything substantial enough to even write about. “American Idol” hyped up one episode by saying they censored Tyler. Tyler has produced some off color remarks at times but nothing that warrants a slap on the wrists or his dismissal. Fans might be growing tired of his out of this world lingo but I kind of love it. It takes different people to make the world go round and Tyler is definitely different. He marches and sings to his own drum. He can come up with a high note in the blink of an eye. To say the least, he has been more than entertaining.

Then there’s the Simon Cowell departure. Cowell was the heart of the show or so it seemed. Without Cowell, “American Idol” has selected perhaps the best every final ten contestants. The competition is so tough, even Pia Toscano isn’t getting enough votes to stick around. Sure, some of us miss the comments from Cowell each week. We loved to hate the guy and probably still will when he serves his time on “X-Factor.” But the bottom line is the show has survived from the start without Cowell this season. So there is no controversy and Simon certainly left on his own terms.

So what happens next on “American Idol?” There will probably be a few more surprising eliminations before we get to the meat and potatoes of the competition. If Toscano can get voted off, it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone from this point forward if any of the other major contestants get the boot. That’s kind of what makes this incredibly pot luck show of late so fun. You just never know how the general public will be swayed by watching a particular performer. It will be interesting to see how the competition unfolds considering the remaining contestants. There will undoubtedly be some more controversy along the way and that’s kind of what makes “American Idol” extremely watchable even with Cowell on board.