American Idol: A.S.C

When I heard Simon Cowell was leaving American Idol, I said I wouldn’t watch it anymore. Well, I am watching and am horrified. The new judges are great. I’ve always been a fan of Steven’s and Jennifer Lopez. I think having every judge be a musician is an excellent choice.(no of fence to Simon, but…) Those funny things Steven says are hilarious too. Jennifer is a good substitute for Paula. She as well as Steven fit.

The bad part of American Idol is that Americans are not watching the show. What I mean is, that Americans seem bored with the show, or just haters are watching, because four of the best singers were voted off the show! As far as I’m concerned there are only two great singers left and that is Scotty and James. The rest of them are not half as good as Thia, Pia, Naima or Casey. I wasn’t a big fan of Stefano’s , but at least he is better than Haley, Jacob and Lauren. I mean come on!

Pia should never have left, and I hope she does have a record contract waiting for her and she outshines the eventual winner of American Idol, because right now, it isn’t looking so good. If Scotty or James doesn’t win, I know that the voters are not the same as in previous years. Before, 98% of the time, America got rid of people who were not singing the right song, not the best singers! I think people were jealous of Pia. She was hated because she was just too pretty.

Lauren and Haley have got nothing compared to Thia. She was great, and I also hope she has a record deal waiting for her. I hate to say it, but I was longing for a different American Idol this year. We’ve had black winners and white winners, why not a Latin or Asian one? Well, that’s not going to happen…again.

Naima was a great singer, but she was not thinking about the big picture. An American Idol should be one that appeals to a massive amount of people. She was trying to prove something. No one needs to prove anything about themselves. You can be proud without shouting it from the mountain tops, and wearing a big sign on your forehead. I’m actually surprised that she wasn’t voted out, when she stuck an African dance in the middle of her song that one week. I believe if she would have toned it down in the way she dressed, and just put ‘a bit’ of culture in each song that she did, she might have stayed a few weeks longer.

Casey, Casey, Casey! Say it isn’t so! I was very disappointed to see him go, but didn’t he go out with a big bang? That was very cool, and I wish him also to have a great career. It worked for Jennifer Hudson extremely well. The best part of American Idol this season are the mentors. They are long overdue. If the contestants don’t listen to what they say, then they get what America’s going to give them, then. Another thing that was wrong about American Idol this year, was putting it on at the same time as Paula Abdul’s Live To Dance show. It seemed as if they were competing with her on purpose. That is just dead wrong. I hate to say it, but American Idol just doesn’t thrill me as it used to. Have you ever seen The Voice? That may be my new American Idol.