American Idol 21st Century Song Choice Performance Night

Tonight’s American Idol performance show featured 21st century songs. Seven American Idol contestants remain in the singing contest after Paul McDonald was eliminated on last week’s result show. Paul McDonald has been making the television circuit rounds this past week. Tonight’s American Idol show started off with the six voted off contestants taking the stage to perform the song, “I’m A Rock Star.” Film clips were introduced by Ryan Seacrest, American Idol’s host, revealing the remaining contestant’s impressions of each other.

Scotty McCreery, our mainstay country crooner performed first. He sang, “Swingin'” written by John Anderson. The American Idol judges, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, and Jennifer Lopez weren’t too impressed with Scotty’s performance, believing he could’ve chosen a better song to sing.

James Durbin, the remarkable man who lives brilliantly with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome and Tourette’s Syndrome entered the stage accompanied with a drum corps. He sang, “Uprising,” by Muse. The judges all loved it, saying his performance was probably the best of the night, even though five other American Idol contestants hadn’t performed as of yet.

Haley Reinhart sang Adele’s, “Rolling In The Deep.” Randy Jackson thought it was a good fit for her. Jennifer and Steven believed she did a good job.

Jacob Lusk chose his idol, Luther Vandross, for his choice of song. He sang, “Dance With My Father.” Jacob lost his father at a young age and appeared emotional on stage because he stumbled at the beginning of the song before continuing, reportedly he lost the music in his ear. Randy Jackson said good job but prefers if Jacob would return to his powerhouse gospel tones next performance.

Casey Abrams sang, Maroon Five’s, “Harder To Breathe,” accompanied by his guitar. Casey offered Jennifer Lopez a kiss, she loved his performance. Randy enjoyed Casey’s rock version because he took a chance and Steven Tyler offered his bleeped version of a compliment. Ryan Seacrest came back on stage wearing a bushy version of Casey’s beard.

Stefano Langone, the lady’s man crooner chose Neyo’s, “Closer,” to perform. He did some dancing steps as he worked the stage. Randy Jackson was proud of his version, Steven admired his dancing and Jennifer thought he had his swag on.

Lauren Alaina, the female country singer contestant, ended tonight’s American Idol performance night. She selected a sweet country song, “Born To Fly,” by Sara Evans. Steven Tyler said she has country swagger, Jennifer Lopez said she has color and to sing bigger notes, and Randy said she should challenge herself.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out if America gets it right with their votes. This year’s crop of American Idol contestant’s do have powerful vocal talent, but right now I hope James Durbin wins it all.

For further info about the American Idol contestant’s you can check out their official website at the link below.