American Idol 2011 Results Preview for Top 7

The American Idol 2011 results have been getting tighter and tighter. Tonight’s results show will reduce the 2011 field to the top 6, as American Idol gets closer to the grand finale. It has been a crazier ride over the last month, as presumed favorites have been in more trouble than expected. Every two weeks, there seems to be a surprise elimination – so by that pattern, something shocking is bound to happen tonight.

Some may have already been shocked last night, for reasons that had nothing to do with the competition. Casey Abrams’ routine closed with a kiss to Jennifer Lopez, with the f-bomb being dropped twice soon afterwards – and not just by Steven Tyler.

This week’s theme involved music from the 21’st century, leaving Abrams to choose Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe” To cap it all off, he gave Lopez a little peck on the cheek, which helped her to give her latest rave. Tyler didn’t get a kiss, yet he loved Abrams enough to declare him “so ***king good” – which even made Randy Jackson repeat it in surprise.

But although Ryan Seacrest declared that “the wheels have fallen off the program” the show still had a lot more to do after that. The rest of the field performed recent hits from the likes of Muse, LeAnn Rhimes, Adele, Luther Vandross, Sara Evans and Ne-Yo. None of them inspired the kind of chaos that Abrams did, yet that has been the case for much of the season.

While the results of the actual songs may have varied for American Idol viewers, their big review comes tonight. The 2011 competition will shortly be down to just a half-dozen idols, and after the last several weeks, it’s clear that it is getting harder to advance.

Stefano Langone has survived time and again, so the audience may not believe he could go until he’s actually eliminated – if he is. Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart have been on the bubble at various points, so one of them could bail Stefano out again.

As for Abrams, the aftermath of his routine may give him enough buzz to survive – but after he needed the judges’ save last month, he still can’t take anything for granted. Lauren Alaina and James Durbin also hope to make it through, even though they didn’t have the judges cursing over their brilliance.

Will there be conventional results for the second straight week, or is it time for another American Idol surprise right on schedule? The 2011 season reaches its next crucial stage either way, tonight at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox – with warm-up acts from former champion David Cook and Katy Perry.


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