American Idol 2011 Results Finally Have Change of Pace

The American Idol 2011 results have faced a lot of criticism. Of course, last week’s controversial results show had the main American Idol favorite for 2011 sent out, as Pia Toscano still hung over the show this week. This came two weeks after early favorite Casey Abrams was eliminated by the country, yet saved by critics. Therefore, it was hard to know what to expect in last night’s show – but ultimately, it did show something that hasn’t been seen before this season, even if it was less surprising.

Warning: Spoilers follow

Another constant criticism this year is that only women have been eliminated so far. It may be a coincidence, yet it gave fans another reason to wonder why Toscano was taken out, while less highly regarded male candidates stuck around.

As such, Haley Reinhart seemed to be in great danger, since she was in the bottom three with Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald. Langone and McDonald have skated by a few times before, but had been bailed out by all the women who were eliminated.

However, Reinhart avoided the hook, as the results finally went against an American Idol male for the first time in 2011. Ultimately, the unlikely man was McDonald, as Langone once more survived the bottom three and made the top seven.

McDonald was often criticized for being nonchalant, and likewise didn’t appear to be that bothered by the vote. The country may have felt the same, since his elimination did not inspire the backlash that Toscano’s did. Of course, after that divisive outcome, not much could have topped it, at least in the first week afterwards.

At the least, the cries of sexism on the Idol vote were silenced for one Thursday. Yet Reinhart and Lauren Alaina are still the only two women left in the top 7, alongside Langone, Abrams, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk and Scotty McCreery. But by this process of elimination, a few more men should be eliminated before much longer.

Now that the show has gotten past the first week without Toscano, they can start moving on to other storylines. They are now almost halfway through the finals, as crunch time is approaching, and no one big favorite has emerged.

But there seems to be a pattern in the 2011 American Idol results, as they’ve gone back and forth between surprising and conventional results. Abrams’ save was followed by two predictable eliminations, then by Toscano’s shocker, and then by a predictable outcome again. By that order, the fans should be up in arms again next Thursday.

First off, they have to watch the top 7 perform again, as they return to the stage next Wednesday , from 8 to 9:30 p.m. EST on Fox.

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