American Idol 2011 Results Eliminate Early Favorite for Good

The American Idol 2011 results have been surprising before. Two weeks ago, the results had frontrunner Casey Abrams voted off, which made the judges use their “save” vote. It seemed too early for American Idol to lose one of its designated favorites, so things settled down during last week’s double elimination episode. As such, things looked to be predictable again for a while. However, Abrams’ narrow survival only paved the way for the big elimination to come last night.

Warning: Spoilers follow

Wednesday’s rock and roll themed episode had the top 9 impress with songs like “River Deep, Mountain High;” “Folsom Prison Blues;” and “Piece of My Heart.” It would be hard to pick someone to eliminate on last night’s results show, yet some contestants appeared safer than others.

Abrams already survived his massive scare, while Pia Toscano appeared to be in the clear as the show’s other early favorite. Yet she found herself in the bottom three with Stefano Langone and Jacob Lusk. Although Lusk said on Wednesday that America “wasn’t ready to look themselves in the mirror” if he landed in the bottom three, the country seemed capable of living with itself. However, many would question what the nation was thinking in its final choice.

This time, American Idol would eliminate an early favorite and stick with it, as Toscano became the first shocking victim of 2011. With Lusk and Langone appearing to be rather vulnerable, Toscano was widely considered to be safe, yet it seems the voters aren’t sparing anyone this season.

The hype for weeks was that Abrams and Toscano were the big favorites this year, but the country just voted out Pia and tried to get rid of Casey two weeks ago. Yet not everyone was so eager to see Toscano go, as the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Ellen DeGeneres, and even Tom Hanks Tweeted their dissatisfaction with the results.

The judges weren’t too happy either, as Lopez once again seemed to be on the verge of tears. However, TV Line’s Michael Slezak blamed the judges for making this possible, due to their “everyone-gets-a-gold star” approach that made Toscano look like less of a stand out.

But it is hard to tell what the voters are being influenced by, since they weren’t affected by all the love for Abrams and Toscano earlier this season. Whoever the American Idol turns out to be, he or she will have to walk on a tight rope throughout, since absolutely no one is safe now.

Now that this message has been sent through the remaining top 8, they will have to be on their game in next Wednesday’s show to avoid more shocking results next Thursday.


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