American Idol 2011: 6 Contestants Are Left – Recap, My Comments and Vote Numbers for Tonight #AI10

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Tonight’s Idol Intro

I had good intentions of watching and reporting on every American Idol show this year but I have not been home on the nights of the shows, and even when I did get home, my DVR failed to record the show. What good was it to publish a story a week late?

Therefore, I apologize to those of you who have been my faithful followers. It is not because I have not been watching American Idol, because I have been watching the shows on my PC, but days after the fact. I don’t know about you but I have been in awe of the talent on this year’s Season 10 show. From Casey to James to Jacob, there are some really talented stand-outs this year.

Have you noticed that Ryan Seacrest does not seem to use prompt cards? I guess he has been doing this for so long, he has it all under control. He certainly looks comfortable prompting the live audience, the judges and working with the television /lighting/band crews. I for one do not miss the nasty banter between him and Simon this year. If it was a shtick, it did not appeal to me and if it was a rife between them, it did not belong on the show.

Idol theme is Carol King’s songs

Tonight’s Idol theme is Carol King. Having gotten 188 compositions, Carol is one of the most successful and revered female singer/song writers in pop music history. She started with Jerry Gossip and they did their first recording with the Sheryl’s. Since 1961, she has been continuing to write songs for other artists, while singing her own songs; she has put out 25 solo records. Her album, Tapestry was #1 for 16 consecutive weeks. Live at the Troubadour her collaborative project with James Taylor has sold tremendously. I know I personally got to attend a live performance between Carol and James Taylor last year at Tanglewood and it was a lot of fun.

Tonight Six Contestants are still standing.

Jimmy Irvine brought along a friend to mentor the group. Performer, producer, and songwriter, Baby Face has produced songs for Stevie Wonder, TLC, Whitney Houston, Eric Clapton, and Boys to Men. He has generated over 500 million single sales. He is one of the most successful artists in the urban soul industry.

Jacob Lusk: 01 or 07

Jacob was in the bottom 3 last week but he has no choice, he is moving forward. The judges want him to soar. He is doing ‘Oh No Not My Baby’. He said he sang it 65 times before being able to get the timing. Jimmy said, “He is an incredible singer but may have a lot to prove up against everyone else”.

Jacob pumped it up and kicked it up a notch at the very end of the song, doing it a bit jazzier. He got the crowd to stand. He did better this week than he has. Steven Tyler said, “It’s about time you shook your tail feathers referring to Jacob’s dancing. That character with the dancing and singing. When you strut like that, that is the magic.” J.Lo said , “That was a tricky song, and there were a few spaces where it was not perfect, but you brought the performance, brought it home, and killed it.” Randy said, “What I love that you did this week, you brought yourself back. Energetic performance and you sang. The scatting was incredible. You are here because you are a great singer. Hopefully you will get votes and stick around baby.”

Seacrest told the crowd, “Tickets for American Idol tour go on sale on May 15.”

Lauren Alaina: 02 or 08

Lauren is singing ‘Lord you Lead’. Jimmy brought Miley Cyrus on to the set for Lauren and Miley told her ‘Just do it for you. People will talk about you, and make nasty comments about you – no matter what you do, so do it for yourself.” Jimmy said, “Lauren looks at Miley as a big star.” Lauren said,” This week I am going to believe in my myself and do the best I can.

Lauren went for it, and she did it, hitting the highest notes of her experiences on Idol. J.Lo said, “I’m so proud of you. I felt you pushing and those barriers are hard to break. You have insecurities and it is hard for a performer. I heard your voice crack a little bit and I was proud because you were pushing.” Randy said, “Sometimes you came out with a little swagger. Speaking of something to prove. It is time to throw down the gauntlet and each time you are up there, it is time to throw down the gauntlet. The song was a little safe and boring, and you made it with a vengeance. Miley said it is important, do it for you.” Steven Tyler said, “I saw your fears. I saw you shine tonight when you pushed it tonight. Lauren cried at the end, telling the audience it was emotional because she knew her voice had cracked but she was glad the judges were still positive.

Haley and Casey performed the duet, ‘I Feel the Earth Move‘. Haley told the producers, “Casey and I like growling together.” Casey said, “I like singing with her, she’s my favorite person to growl with,” and then he clarified, blushing, “on stage.”

They did a good job with their performance, complementing each others best qualities. After the performance, Steven Tyler asked Casey, “How in love with Haley are you? I don’t want to speak for everyone but I’m going to speak for everyone. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. You did that de de de thing, and Haley- what you did was gorgeous.

They went to commercial and Randy and J.Lo didn’t get their chance to comment but Haley and Casey really do sing well together. Haely admitted that the performance felt good. They didn’t practice much; they were just kind of hanging out. Both of them blushed on that one. Is something going on in that house other than singing?

Scotty McCreery: 03 or 09

Last week the judges wanted more from Scotty. Scotty said it is time to go full at it; he did “You’ve got a Friend.” Jimmy was trying to get Scotty to sing it a little differently than his norm saying “This is the most romantic song he has done. He has to deliver this with poignancy, or it could backfire.”

Well Scotty pulled it off. He delivered a stellar country styled performance that had a bit of phraseology that was distinctly Scotty. The crowd was raving. Randy said, “Cool, you did it. You turned it around. You usually start low but you did it in tenor. I did not know that you had that range. One criticism, don’t fall off those notes. Keep them on”. Steven said, “You were really at the top of your register and it was why you didn’t hold it. You never sang better. The front was beautiful, but you also took it somewhere else and I love that about you man.” Jennifer said, “When you hear how you did that song that is why we couldn’t let you get away with last week. You did that reaching for the upper higher register; it is great to see you doing that. You have strength with storytelling and you told that story beautifully.”

Ryan said, “I was watching you on that monitor. It was as if you were singing to that one person. Was there one person?” Scotty just smiled and then Scotty, gave the crowd his “look”.

James Durbin: 04 or 10

James Durbin is going softer this week. He said that Scotty was 10 times better live than he was during dress rehearsal. James was doing ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow“. Ryan responded to the audience “You can request anything at brought to you by Coca-Cola” after James explained that a few of his fans had requested that he do this song.

Jimmy Irvine said, “Carol King and James Durbin were meant to come in together. This is so intense and exciting. James did a ballsy ac cappella beginning. His perfect pitch was awesomely perfect. He is a rock-and roller but he is a singer and a talented one at that. It felt like a James Durbin concert. He commands the stage and is a force to be reckoned with no matter what he does.

Steven Tyler said, “You got ’em again, referring to the crowd screaming. That was good. I really liked the beginning. When you did not play along with it, I loved it. I did not totally love the rock. But tonight, people are going to be downloading that song on ITunes J.LO said you are going to be the start of tonight. James has had a strong weak, you have not faltered in one week. Consistency on this show is going to win it. Randy said, “I wanted to know who was in it to win it. ” Tonight you are a great singer, not just a great rock singer. That was one of the performances of the last couple of nights. This guy might just win the whole thing. Randy gave him a hug and said, “James is in the house.” You have got to be good to make it in Hollywood, and you had to be great to make it her, and now you are turning it into becoming a superstar. Afterwards, James said, “That performance was for Heidi. It is always for Heidi. I have always wanted to do my best and see if I could be the next American Idol.”

Seacrest implied, “Scotty and Lauren are going to do a duet. Is there a more than a musical connection?” Lauren said, “He is kind of cute but we are playing the roles, it is all for the stage.” Scotty said, “We are like brother and sister.” They were laughing and teasing one another and Lauren said, “America can definitely expect us to be entertaining.” They performed ‘Up on the Roof‘ and together, the two of them, all I can say, is Yes, Yes. They seem to complement each other wonderfully. Her voice is sweet and supple, his is deep and resonant, and together they make sweet music together. To be fair, it is hard to say which duet I preferred, but I think that this week it was Scotty and Lauren whereas last week it was Haley and Casey. They are all very talented.

Casey Abrams: 05 or 11

Jimmy said, “We had a lot of fun rehearsing this song. When the guys pulled up their guitars, Casey was in his glory.” Jimmy told Casey, “Every note counts.” He told the audience, “Casey is on the type of artist that thrives on living on the edge. When you do that, you can fall on your butt or you can rise to the heights. Casey sang, ‘Hidey Hidey Hidey Ho‘.

Was that a bit of Zappa shining through? Randy said, “Yo, Casey Casey. Listen Dawg. You keep it always new and different. The great Carol Sing song was written for you. It took me back to New Orleans this is like the Casey Show and Review. Dude, I just got to say I am excited to see you because I know I am going to see something new. You work the show, you look the stage, and you made my scalp itch it was so good. You found your niche”. J.Lo said, “You are definitely in your element.” I would like to see you loosen up a little bit, physically. You are such a talent, a musician, everything is perfect.

Haley Reinhart: 06 or 12

Haley said, “Carol King is a mastermind of song writing. I picked a song that is groovy and uplifting at the same time called “You’re as beautiful as you feel.”

Haley has definitely come into her own too. We overhead the judges saying, “We might remember this one.” Steven Tyler said, “I just saw God. I heard God in your voice. You nailed it just now. Yes you did.” J.Lo said, “Beautiful. You have one of the best voices in this competition.” Randy said, “The beginning was good but the end was where you got it.”

Jacob and James thought it was funny that they were paired up for a duet. James said, “We are going to take it to church. Can I get an amen?” They did “Something tells me I’m into something good.” Tyler commented, “I was not sure if that was an award winning performance but where were you going with all that.”
James said, “We were going to church.” Ryan said, ” And we got to see Jennifer’s leg”, since the performers pulled her away from her desk and turned her around, almost giving the audience a very good shot of J.Lo’s legs.

My vote for tonight’s performance – all of them. James was my #1, Scotty my #2 and #3 was Casey, then Haley, then Lauren then Jacob, based upon tonight’s performance.

Tomorrow night, Crystal Bowersox will be on the American Idol vote results.


Fox Television, American Idol Season 10, 4/27/2011