American Idol 10 (2011) Finale Performances and Results

The final 2 of American Idol’s 10th season will perform their last three songs on Tuesday, May 24, 2011. We will find out tonight (Thursday, May 19) which two contestants will be vying for the championship next week.

Regular watchers should keep in mind that the show is changing nights for the finale performance and results episodes. Instead of Wednesday and Thursday, the performance night for the final 2 will be on Tuesday. The winner of American Idol 10 will then be announced on Wednesday.

We can expect to see all or most of the Top 13 (usually a Top 12) to return and perform on the finale results night. While I have personally not been happy with the elimination order, this season is loaded with talent. We could potentially see some great performances from Pia, James, Casey and maybe Jacob, as well.

Steven Tyler has also talked about performing for the finale, possibly with Aerosmith.

There wasn’t much talk at all of the actual finale on the results show.

But for the first time in Idol history, we have an all-country finale. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have made the Top 2 and finale for the American Idol 10.

I would expect Scotty to win this one with ease. The demographic that watches this show is more likely to vote for Scotty in droves. Lauren may very well get more people voting for her. It will probably be close as far as that. The problem for Lauren is with the power voting. That is likely to favor Scotty by a large degree.

In the three singing rounds, I gave two rounds to Scotty, but I felt that Lauren was dominant in the second round. That makes it pretty close. I would actually give the edge to Lauren Alaina on the night by a slim margin. However, she would have never even sniffed the finale if I had been voting all along. And if emotion were the only factor (it’s the most important one to some people), then I would easily give it to Scotty. I just feel that Lauren has done enough to win on range, versatility, power and other factors.

As to who will win, Scotty seems more popular in the voting. Overall, the judges gave the edge to Lauren. But that probably has no effect at this time. Just as with David Cook in Season 7, it is pretty likely that most of the voters have already decided who they want. Judge comments will not sway many people unless they just happen to be watching for the first time all season.

I felt that Lauren’s sucking up to her mom on the last performance was an adorable but untimely gesture. It’s not like Scotty has no mom. However, I doubt that this will have much of an effect on the voting. Some bleeding hearts will be moved by it, but it will also make Scotty fans vote even harder.

Round 1:

Scotty McCreery – Gone
Lauren Alaina – Flat on the Floor

Round 2:

Scotty McCreery – Check Yes or No
Lauren Alaina – Maybe It Was Memphis

Round 3:

Scotty McCreery – Love You This Big
Lauren Alaina – Like My Mother Does

View the links below for additional information on Scotty’s and Lauren’s finale performances for American Idol 10 (2011).

On the results night (Wednesday, May 25, 2011) we find out that 122 million votes were cast in the finale for Scotty and Lauren and over 750 million for the whole season.

And the winner of American Idol 10 is Scotty McCreery.


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