American Airlines: A Nightmare in Air Flight

When it comes to the one of the biggest and most expensive airlines in the world, there’s always a difference in opinions when it comes to American Airlines services. There are questions asked with every few answers given. One such question belonged to this author. Why are passengers crammed into the plane with so little respect and shows of common sense that they feel like they’re a herd of cattle being send off to be slaughtered? The pursuit of a decent airline service has been going down hill for years, but recently it has gotten worse.

American Airlines is the one of the world’s largest airlines and traveling to almost every airport and international airport in the country and the world, so there was a certain level of expectation when it came to customer service onboard. Granted, airline service is not easy, but nothing ever seems to be anymore.

This author had never flown on American Airlines before so there was excitement on finally being able to fly on American Airlines. The flight was from Miami International Airport to JFK International Airport in New York. There were some concerns, however. Reviews from the internet and word of mouth have warned of possible customer service problems and problems having to do with reserving seats, but this author was determined to experience it for herself.

After the flight, there was a complete level of understanding as to why reviewers on the Internet and word of mouth have nothing good to say about American Airlines and their services. The ticket price was twice as much as it would have cost if this author flew on JetBlue airlines, which is this author’s preferred airline. Yes, the ticket price didn’t have to be paid, but there was a desire to experience American Airlines once in this author’s life time, and now, the regret kicks in. What a waste of money.

While the ticket price burns a hole in the wallet, the experience on the plane was one of the worst this author has ever experienced. American Airlines’ planes can be quite large, so a little room and comfort was hoped for. Not much, you mind, for traveling by coach. The seats were much closer together then some of the smaller airlines, which was only one of the problems. When asked to take our seats, this author found another woman in her seat. When asked to remove herself from the seat, the woman refused. The stewardess was informed of the problem and this author was told that she would need to find somewhere else to sit. It was extra money to get a window seat, which is exactly what was paid for. There was no understanding from the stewardess and this author was forced to either get off the plane and lose her ticket, or take one of the open seats. Which was right in the middle of the plane. The exact place that this author did not want to be seated in, which was why the extra money was paid for a window seat.

When arriving at the destination, JFK airport, this author asked to speak with a manager or supervisor about the experience and the loss of money due to the lost window seat. It was outrageous. There were questions as to why there are assigned seats when they are not enforced by the employees when the passengers have to pay extra for certain seats. The only answer given was, ‘˜I’m sorry.’ It was such a pathetic excuse of making amends for something the airline clearly had no desire in enforcing or fixing. When asked if this author was making a return flight on American Airlines, the supervisor almost got told where to stick his question. The return flight home was flown on JetBlue and the experience was much better than American Airlines.

Over recent years, Americans have been had very aware of how many people work for airlines such as American Airlines due to economic problems and terrorist attack, so keeping those people employed is a good thing, but not for the experience this author suffered through. There will be no more money given to American Airlines from this end.