Amber Alert, Who Killed Amber Hagerman?

Amber Alerts, Does anyone remember why we have them?

A little girl by the name of Amber Hagerman, 9 years old, went for a bike ride with her brother in Arlington, Texas. She never returned alive. Her nude body was found 4 miles away on a creek bed. At that time there was no Amber Alert, until she was found murdered. Amber Alerts came into being because of this Amber. Who killed Amber Hagerman? The case has been cold for a long time with no justice for Amber.

My disabled grand daughter 13, went missing. It was a Friday. We found she never even made it to school. The schools were closed, no one was answering. We went to the police here in Buffalo. They refused to issue an Amber Alert. They wouldn’t file a missing person’s report for 24 hours. This was a disabled child!!!!!The news media would not release her picture without an Amber Alert. After many hours of talking with friends and riding around the neighborhood, we called a man from the neighborhood who was trying to befriend my grand daughter. He had befriended her a few weeks earlier in a nearby park. He had been to my daughter’s house and had even called there for my grand daughter. I called his phone and told him we were looking for him, to release my grand daughter. I said, listen I know you have my grand daughter, release her, I have contacted the police, we know where you are! Two days of riding around, trying to convince the police to help. They gave us a tough time even filing a missing person’s report.

This parolee that had gone to the park where kids hang out and told her he was 16. He had really just gotten out of New York State prison a few days earlier. My grand daughter believed him.

He had convinced my grand daughter to meet him, she never went to school. He met her at the school bus stop and took her for the weekend. All the way to the west side of Buffalo. She didn’t even know she was abducted because of her disability. The police here DID NOT help us in any way. They hindered us. It was my tough stance to find my own grand daughter. I called this man on his phone and threatened his very existence.

About an hour after the phone call, he put my grand daughter on the bus and shipped her home. Then the police wouldn’t arrest this guy. I had to find out myself that he was on parole, violating his parole, to get anything done. I finally called Albany, the capitol and higher ups to get him arrested, convicted and jailed!!!! No Amber Alert was ever issued. Buffalo did not want to help.

Luckily we have my grand daughter back and she is alive.

Amber Hagerman is lying in the grave for eternity. Throat slashed by an evil man who wanted child sex. This is disgusting. There are reasons why people like me work on these cases. I do not receive money for my profiles. I am called to do them to help find the person or the perpetrator. I am going to profile Amber’s case, in an effort to get justice for her.

After watching several stories about Amber and what she may have gone through I decided to expose who the evil person is in her case. These sources and stories are all below. Click on and see more about her case. A sex offender and murderer is walking free in Arlington, Texas. He may be living next door to your child. Why was this case closed?

The first suspect in the case is the man, Jim Kevil, who called police. He lived right behind the ramp area where Amber was riding her bike. As I zoomed around google earth with the little orange guy it became apparent that his yard was pretty deep to see Amber clearly unless he was right there. I would like to know if he was investigated? Did he take a polygraph? He lived in the area and knew the area.

Amber was found 4 miles from the area abducted. Why was this? Amber had her throat slashed, as someone did not want to be identified. This is a person that killed before or was arrested before. He has done this before. This is not new to him.Only 4 miles away. He was from the neighborhood.

Amber was found nude. This is so Amber could not be identified easily, stalling the investigation. Once again experience in this sort of crime. Amber was found relatively quickly. The person was following the crime. Also that Amber was not found far away from activity indicates laziness or an older person that can not carry a body too far.

This is a man that has been in trouble with the law before. An experienced killer. A sex offender for sure. He wanted no chance at all of being identified. This means he is well known in the community in some way.What did he do with her clothes? Then they move away and continue moving as their trail a victims is revealed.

Wikipedia reports that Amber was alive for 2 days while this predator had his way with her. He took her clothes off, slashed her throat and dumped her like trash in a creek only 4 miles away. That means she was right in the area. Did they do a door to door search?

The first clue of Amber’s disappearance is her age, 9. This indicates travel, other cultures, other lands, Sagittarius. This is a person who acted swiftly with a gun, knife or weapon. It is a person that could have another culture involved. The direction is Northeast. 9 means an ending. It has a lot of physical power which was used in over powering this child. A struggle happened, there is no doubt. A vehicle with an engine, fast power. A person that has a warped sense of religion as well. There is a religious ritual to this abduction.

The number of the day that Amber went missing is 3, Number 3, is a liar’s number. Look for a liar. The man that called was the best suspect.. 3 Indicates air, neighbors, he lived close by. North and south directions are seen. There is someone involved here who is on the phone, Internet, driving around. He is mental, cannot settle down.

This is an experienced killer, experience comes with age. I suspect this male has been at this for awhile.

Numbers 3 will be found in the route, house number, locations and be found in her crime. Route 30 for example, I am sure was used. 12 and 21 and 3, 30, 33 are important in the case.

Three letters C, L and U are a main focus in the case. These are persons places and things that day involved.

Now I could be wrong but I believe this man’s middle initial is U. The street leading to where Amber was found is Legend’s Way and Rte 30 and Landry Frwy. A number 3 and L, clues right there.

Amber’s body was found North at Forest Hills Apartments, as I said her death direction was. The address starts with an L, Lincoln, one of the clue letters of the day. The address adds to 3, the number of the day. The Moon was in Libra for con man. A man who had been in trouble with the law before. Yes Amber would only live 2 days as the Moon was changing into Scorpio. She was also near an airport in some way. This airport is East. Yes films were made. The police were aware of this man. I am sure he is on their original list. What about DNA? Was any taken at all?

That means C, L and U are other letter clues. They either start the man’s names and addresses and other things about him that day. He is in the community walking around a free man. He is mentally deranged to kill a child like this. Amber deserves justice.

The day indicates a problem with a male who acts as a friend when he is not a friend but a predator. This friend is in the Northwest area. The same direction of Jim Kevil’s house. The description of the truck and the male that he gave are very vague.Also someone was creeping around at night.

The child could have been in his house, car, garage. Did they check all this out?

He said he was watching Amber. He saw when the brother left her. He was watching her, why? I am sorry but that places him at the spot!

The day that Amber went missing the Sun was in Capricorn, for older man. Various other planets also list. Yes there are two profiles, a 25 year old and an older man, but both older to Amber’s agre.

An Aquarius and also Sagittarius were direct threats to Amber that day as well as Libra. Amber’s own astrology chart indicates danger of a sexual attack near water and death by a Scorpio as well. The danger direction is Northwest and Northeast and also an Aquarius again in the chart is a danger. One of these sign killed Amber.

There are hundreds of sex offenders in Arlington, Texas. I have posted the current website so you can search them yourself, however the website is not working properly and does not show their pictures. However you cans see their names and their addresses. Some have absconded and taken off, milling round to hurt more children.

I have added a link for Amber’s Unsolved Murder at Psychic Crime for an area psychics that originally worked the case in Arlington. Let’s find amber’s killer and give her some justice.

Then I found The Ten Most Wanted Sex Offenders From Texas. Here is the link: