Amazon.Com Offers Free Android Gaming with Free App of the Day

Enjoying a fun gaming experience doesn’t always have to be associated with a cost. Free solutions are available on almost every platform, including Android powered mobile phones.

Any gamer will admit that there is a blurry line between need and want when it comes to a game purchase. The same gamers will admit (that is, those that spend their own cash), that $59.99 for a new typical console game at retail can make a huge difference between a full or empty wallet.

The same holds true for even the mobile platform. When you compare prices, games for $1.99 or less are a great deal. However, the single insignificant purchase or a “cheap” app can easily multiply into “cheap” apps. It can be even easier to lose control and break the budget when no funds actually exchange hands. Mobile app users are very familiar with purchases happening magically and automatically behind the scenes, while the credit card linked on file takes all the punishment.

While most popular titles are moderately priced with the occasional sale, many other quality games can be “purchased” for free. Fortunately this is because there are so many thousands of apps begging for attention on portals looking for sales including the Android Market and’s Appstore.

These games are usually available as free for different reasons. There is the simple and favorable free game just for the heck of a developer sharing some creative work for exposure. Other free games offer a glimpse in the tradition of a free trial. With these titles, it truly can be hit or miss. Some offer ample enjoyable gameplay, while other just give a small taste and don’t allow for any entertaining experience at all.

While the internal price structure configuration differs with Android’s own market compared to Amazon’s (Amazon establishes the sale prices – not the developer), there is an additional opportunity on to gain access to free applications, including games. This comes in the form of the free application of the day.

The free application of the day alternates between various full version applications – for free – every day. No doubt in turn for exposure to Amazon’s vested interest in grabbing some Android sales along the way. Regardless of the reason, the games are legitimate full versions to be enjoyed for countless hours of gameplay. Recent featured free games included Angry Birds Rio, PewPew 2, and Solitaire Megapack. Each of these features high user ratings, and if you are an Angry Birds addict, the Rio title is currently an exclusive title to the Amazon Appstore.