Alternative Bridal Bouquets

Your wedding day can be as traditional or as unique as you want it to be, remember it is your day. There are many elements of a wedding ceremony or celebrations that can be customized to meet the personality of its bride and groom. In this article I would like to focus on other options for the bride and wedding party in place of wedding bouquets. There could be a number of reasons on why one would prefer not to carry a bouquet on that day for many flowers mean allergies and what comes along with that, but itchy eyes and sneezes, not a very romantic atmosphere for your big day. Some brides may be very budget conscious and don’t want to spend a lot on flowers, so they chose a more cost friendly option. Some brides refuse to use large sums of money on items they can only use once, living flowers have a very short lifespan. Not all brides are into flowers and frills, they simple prefer to focus on something else. Some brides chose bouquet alternatives because they want their day to unique, not like what you always see at weddings. Whatever the reason its alright to change things however you like.

Faux Floral Alternatives

There are a wide variety of faux flowers available that a bride can use throughout her ceremony and reception. Try these as options:

Ribbon flower arrangements

Carved wood roses

Crystal or glass flowers

Silk wedding flowers

Origami flower bouquets

Leather or suede bouquets

Candy or cookie bouquets

Non-Floral Bouquets

Bouquets made from ferns, ivy, herbs, grains, fall leaves, and pussy willows can all be arranged in a traditional bouquet form, with the absence of floral.

Themed Bouquet Alternatives

A lit lantern for a barn or rustic themed ceremony

A large sea shell for a beach themed wedding

A fur muff for a winter wedding

A pumpkin or jack-o-lantern for a Halloween wedding

A rosary for a catholic wedding

A parasol for a vintage ceremony

A lace or fancy fan for a spring outside ceremony

A lit candle for candle light themed evening ceremony

Hands-Free Options

There are some brides who prefer not to carry anything down the isle. In this case bridal jewelry, hair accessories, or gloves can make stunning focal points besides the bride on that walk down the isle.

Remember that a bride must do what is comfortable to them, make your bouquet alternative a true reflection of who you are.