Allowing Food to Replace God

Often while I am showering in a dimly lit bathroom with only the noise of the hot shower and exhaust fan, I ponder on a host of thoughts, ideas, and dreams. It’s during this time that I feel most of my inner growth takes place. I have no children around bombarding me with endless questions or requests and electronic baby and mansitter (the television) has been put to rest for the night; so there is nothing but peace and quiet.

Recently, during this time of self-reflection the following concept occurred to me and I was deeply convicted of my behavior. The thought was this: Everything that God is supposed to be to me and for me I have replaced with food. Crazy, you say? I agree. Hear me out. Think about every time, in just today, you have placed something into your mouth. What were you feeling? What happened immediately before you unwrapped that piece of chocolate or dipped that scoop of ice cream?

As I thought, I began to realize that for everything that I was feeling I would turn to some sort of food (or my personal means of stress relief Diet Coke) for comfort, joy, refuge. In essence, I have been allowing food to be god to me. I have trusted food to be for me what God says He would be. Food has ceased to be our sustenance and has become our idol.

I know I can only speak for myself on this matter but how often have you heard of people, or yourself have been guilty of binging or stress eating? God has promised in His word that He would be our Comforter. He told use to “cast all our cares upon Him for He careth for us” and “come unto Me ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” As Christians, there is no need for us to turn to that chocolate donut or container of fries when we feel our problems are too big. For that matter, I believe it is sinful for us to do this because we are looking to something other than God to fill a void in our lives that only He can fill.

The more I pondered this on this thought the more conviction I began to feel grip my heart. I began to pray and ask God to forgive me of all the times I have turned to food to fill any other void aside from physical hunger and have relied on it for more than sustenance. Have I conquered this? No. I still battle with it every day. I pray continually and ask God to help me to realize that He is my portion; He is my Sustainer, Deliver, Shelter in the storm, my Hiding place.

Please don’t feel as though I am judging because I am not. But I am beginning to believe that we may be held responsible for these actions because God has clearly said that He is a “jealous God” and we are to “have no other gods before Him.” Ask God to help you and to make you more aware of your reasons for eating and to help you to turn to Him instead of food.