Allergic to DHA? DHA Free Self Tanners Worth Checking Out

Ever been to the tanning salon and bought one of their accelerator tanning lotions, and a few hours later after you get home you have this huge rash? Back in day when I use to go to a place called Sun Your Buns, I always bought the accelerator lotion to help my tan get darker. However, the last lotion I used made me break out in hives on my legs and stomach and made me itch like mad. I never gave this any thought afterwards, because I stopped going tanning. But then one of my friends recently just went tanning the other day and the same thing happened to her.

She ended up being allergic to the tanning lotion, because of the DHA. That’s right, she had a DHA allergy according to her doctor. This not only gave me an idea about an article it also helped me realize I must have been allergic to the certain lotion I used back then.

Knowing summer 2011 is right around the corner, proms, and weddings, people all over the world will unfortunately be going tanning. Not that it’s good for you. With that said, I am going to help you out with DHA free tanning accelerator lotions. So this way you can get that glow without the rash and hives.

DHA Free Tanning Lotions

Synergy Tan, Hey, Gorgeous

This product made by Synergy Tan is for someone who’s searching for a dark chocolate tan. It is DHA free, and contains aloe vera, Shea butter, anti-oxidants, and luscious vanilla cream maple scent. All wonderful ingredients to help moisten the skin, and give you that rockin glow.

The Tanning Store, Aviva Tango Tan DHA Free

Anyone allergic to DHA, has sensitive skin, or needs that hurry up tan for a special occasion without going to the salon or doesn’t want to have a strong smelling scent? Then this tanning lotion is made just for you. It’s not an accelerator, but great for those last minutes rushes. Had to through this one into the bunch.

Tanning Lotion Supply, Designer Skin “Freedom”

This accelerator tanning lotion is DHA free, stain free, streak free, and includes silicone emulsion in it to help reach that bronzed glowing soft brown tan. The bottle looks real cool, and is priced at a fairly decent amount. Buy for $29.99 or buy 2 at $27.99 a bottle. Not much of a savings, but in this economy anything is good right now.

Tanning Lotion Sale, Rock On Rocker Chic Silicone

Some people have reactions to the paraben. Rock on Rocker Chic is paraben free, DHA free, and whiling tanning your body you can also get firmed. Usually this product runs around $60 dollars, but right now there is a sale going on. So pick this up today for $29.95.

Amazon, Designer Skin Shine Ultra Dark Tanning Blend DHA Free

How many times have you used the lotion while tanning looked dark and then a day later looked faded? With this lotion it contains natural bronzers, DHA free, and helps extend the life of your tan with its fade defying formula in it.